Woman remains missing in Woodland Park, NJ, due to Ida’s flooding

More than two weeks after the remains of Hurricane Ida hit New Jersey with historic flooding, one person is still missing.

Woodland Park Police said several eyewitnesses saw Donna Lomagro, 56, trapped in her car as floodwaters surrounded her. At around 9 p.m., she got out of her car, but was quickly swept away by the strong currents.

At least two people tried to rescue her, but should have been rescued themselves. Lomargo was last seen carried by floodwaters heading towards Dowling Creek. The stream eventually flows into the Passaic River.


The search for Lomagro is ongoing. The teams scanned the banks of the Dowling Creek and the Passaic River.

An NJ.com reporter visited the house which was Lomagro’s last known address. The website reports that a woman who opened the door said, “It was my daughter. She left.

Officially, the police still classify Lomagro as “missing”. His name was not added to the list of those blamed for the storm. The death toll officially stands at 30.

More people were killed by Ida in New Jersey than in any other storm affected state, including Louisiana, where Ida landed as a Category 4 hurricane.

This drew criticism against Gov. Phil Murphy, who only declared a state of emergency long after major flooding occurred. Some have questioned whether this delay led people to believe it was safe to drive during the storm, resulting in additional fatalities. Murphy brushed off this criticism, saying he warned people of the dangers of the storm.

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