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Nate Carroll of Winneconne completes his 1,500,231st push-up Sunday at the 50-yard line at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey. Carroll broke the world record for pumps in a year as part of an effort to raise funds for the Tunnel to Towers Foundation, which pays off mortgages and provides housing for the families of deceased first responders.


A man from Wisconsin appears to have broken the world record for the most push-ups in a year in his efforts to raise funds for the families of deceased first responders.

Nate Carroll of Winneconne completed his 1,500,231 push-ups on the 50-yard line at halftime of the 48th Fun City Bowl, a New York City first responders football game at MetLife Stadium on Sunday. East Rutherford, New Jersey.

And while the record – held since October 1989 by British athlete Paddy Doyle – has yet to be verified by the Guinness Book of Records and the Republic’s Official Record Register of Record Holders, Carroll continues to add to its total. . He has until Sunday to complete a year of push-ups.

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He averages over 4,100 push-ups a day, but has done up to 7,000 on some days to raise funds for the Tunnels to Towers Foundation, established in the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

“It was an honor to set a new world record here in New York in front of members of the (New York Police Department, New York Fire Department and Port Authority Police Department) and others. first responders, “Carroll said in a late statement. Sunday by the Tunnels to Towers Foundation. “I want this record to pay tribute to the sacrifice made by so many heroes on this tragic day.”

Nate Carroll 2

Nate Carroll celebrates Sunday after setting the record for most push-ups in a year.


The Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation’s Fallen First Responder Home program has paid off mortgages or provided housing to 250 families since its inception in 2014. The charity, named after a deceased New York City firefighter on September 11, 2001, helps the families of law enforcement officers and firefighters killed in the line of duty who leave young children behind.

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