Winter storm warning in effect for western LA; significant icing likely on Monday

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ICE POTENTIAL MONDAY: There will likely be a dangerous glacial event for western and northwestern Alabama on Monday. While the exact timing and location of impacts will continue to change, communities along and north of Interstate 59 must remain WEATHER ALERT for the potential of a major glacial event Monday morning and afternoon. An ice storm warning is in effect until 9 p.m. An accumulation of 0.25 ″ to 0.75 ″ of ice is possible. It includes the counties of Marion, Lamar, Winston, Cullman, Fayette and Pickens.

A WINTER STORM WARNING is in effect for northern and western Alabama. It includes the counties of Walker, Tuscaloosa, Greene and Hale.

A WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY is in effect for Blount, Jefferson, Bibb and Perry counties.

CONFIGURATION: A mass of cold air will advance towards the area from Sunday to Monday. An area of ​​low pressure will form over the Gulf of Mexico to the south. Like the runways to the west, we will have enough humidity in the area overlapping the cold air to create a potentially large icing event.

The highest concentration of ice / freezing rain is expected further west of Birmingham, near places like Tuscaloosa, Fayette, Hamilton, Jasper and Cullman. We could see up to a quarter of an inch to a half inch or more of ice developing in this area. This could lead to extremely dangerous road conditions, as well as falling trees and power lines, as ice builds up on these surfaces. PLEASE AVOID DRIVING TOMORROW IF UNDER A WARNING. You will put yourself and those around you at risk if you choose to venture on icy roads.

LOCATION / SCHEDULE : Along and north of the Interstate 59 corridor from about 7 a.m. until early afternoon.

THREATS: FREEZING RAIN will be the main threat. This is because above the surface temperatures will likely be warm enough to melt any frozen precipitation. But, on the surface, temperatures will hover around the freezing point, causing anything that falls to freeze immediately. This is incredibly dangerous for roads (especially viaducts which will freeze faster).

BLACK ICE will be the main threat Tuesday morning as our temperatures drop in the teens overnight through Tuesday. The roads will still be wet from today’s precipitation so ice will be widespread.

Where temperatures get colder at the surface and above, sleet and snow will also be mixed.

ACCUMULATION: It is possible for ice to accumulate 0.1 to 0.25 ”. Higher totals will be possible. This could potentially lead to power outages.

It is important to note that a few degrees will make a huge difference. So anyone along the Interstate 65 corridor should continue to check for updates.

FORECAST FOR THE REST OF THE WEEK: Tuesday will be a dry and cold day. We will have ice spots in the morning and they could last all day. We will have a mix of sun and clouds with high temperatures only in the lower 30s. Some of you won’t get past the freezing point. Tuesday night will be partly cloudy and cold with lows in the twenties. Some ice points are still possible for areas that have not exceeded the freezing point during the day.

Wednesday will be a partly to mostly cloudy day before another cold front. There will be showers at the end of the day. It will be a warmer day with high temperatures in the 40’s above 50’s below. The rain returned Wednesday evening with minimums in the mid-1940s.

The cold front will cross Thursday with scattered showers and thunderstorms. A few thunderstorms could become strong with gusts of wind, hail and heavy rain. High temperatures will be in the mid-1950s. The rain will end Thursday evening, but parts of northwestern Alabama could experience a brief spell of freezing rain / ice pellets as the precipitation ends. However, no accumulation is expected. The minimums will fall in the mid-1920s for everyone, so if the roads don’t dry out they could become icy for the Friday morning commute.

Friday will become partly cloudy, windy and colder with high temperatures in the lower 40s.

Weekend outlook: Saturday and Sunday will be dry and will warm up slowly with the formation of a high pressure zone over the Great South. Saturday will be sunny with high temperatures in the lower 50s. Sunday will be partly cloudy with high temperatures in the lower 60s.

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