Who owns my Druthers boat in the Outer Banks?

Many viewers of the show, Outer Banks, can’t help but be captivated by the Druthers yacht that appeared in one episode, which bears the ship’s exact name. Almost instantly, questions like “Who owns the My Druthers boat?” “What kind of yacht is it and who built it?” appeared online.

In fiction, the owner of the My Druthers Outer Banks boat is Ward Cameron. If you’re wondering if such a sport fishing yacht exists in real life, the closest incarnation is the 1996 82′ superyacht High Spirit built by Hatteras Boats. Jack Hargrave is recognized as its main designer and was officially made available in the United States in the 90s.

Who owns the Druthers Boat in the Outer Banks?


Ward Cameron owns the My Druthers boat on the Outer Banks show. Although not explicitly stated in the show, one can easily interpret that it represents his desires. The meaning of the My Druthers boat is directly related to the meaning of the word, druthers, which means wishes and desires.

Is there a real Druthers ship in real life?

There is and people can attest to having seen it and even sailed there. Many people say the My Druthers boat is similar to the 1996 92′ Seaquest, which was also designed by Jack Hargrave.

However, if you compare the Seaquest and the High Spirit, you will notice that the latter corresponds exactly to the Druthers. You will see the difference, in particular, in the aft cockpit and saloon sections of both ships.

At the time of this writing, however, the 1996 Seaquest 92′ Hatteras yacht fisherman is still listed on Allied Marine, which has a solid reputation among yacht brokers around the world. You can see some of its specs there.

The High Spirit Skybridge had other names before, most popularly the Aquaholic. So if you come across any threads on this topic, don’t be confused as they refer to 1996 82′ superyachts as one or the other. It’s the same ship!

type of boat

The 1996 Hatteras 82′ Skybridge is the kind of boat that fits the term “superyacht”. Technically, she is a motor sport fishing yacht that can accommodate up to 3 crew and 8 guests in her 4 cabins and comes with the necessary amenities and several relatively spacious observation and relaxation decks aft.

Overall, it lays the foundation for the archetypal luxury yacht you normally see being owned by the elite in movies – hence its prominence on the Outer Banks show and its depiction as the My Boat. Druthers owned by Ward Cameron, who happens to be its super rich main antagonist.

How much does it cost?

HMY Yachts once had the 1996 Hatteras Skybridge on its listings. It is stated on their website that its current price is $1,285,000.

That being said, the next time you come across a 1996 yacht for sale at online and offline brokers, you may need to confirm if it was indeed the Druthers Hatteras that was used in the show. The High Spirit is currently not listed, and details of its owner are not available.

Boat International only reveals the latest information about it on its website. Don’t give up checking the lists from time to time, because a little persistence can also help you get your own My Druthers!

Stories of people encountering the My Druthers boat


In recent years, there have been alleged sightings of the Druthers boat, especially if you reside near the Outer Banks, where the show is set.

  • Reddit user beachy_birchwood actually has an interesting account of encountering the boat in the Outer Banks, specifically Myrtle Beach, where she owns a beach cottage. She noted the “Pelican, NC” listed under the yacht’s name. If you’re not already aware, there’s actually no such town in North Carolina!
  • Other people saw it at the same location and in Atlantic City, New Jersey, and also shared their sightings on Reddit and other social media like Facebook.

The yacht of course moves even though we all know its owner is an entirely fictional person, huh? Whatever its name, it’s safe to say that we finally know what kind of boat it is.


I hope I have given you a satisfactory answer to your question: “Who owns the boat My Druthers?” All in all, it’s a boat that easily exudes opulence and has only attracted a significant following since appearing on such a popular show as the Outer Banks.

If you want to take a page from Ward Cameron’s book, you better be on the lookout for possible Hatteras Skybridge 1996 82ft listings in the future!

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