Utica cops see more illegal plates, no license, no insurance

Utica Police are warning area drivers who may have disabled plates on their vehicles that these plates may be illegal.

A post on the UPD’s Facebook page says the ministry is working with the Department of Motor Vehicles on an increase in the number of temporary license plates on vehicles in the region. They advise the public that in many cases out-of-state plates are not valid in New York State. However, police say if the increase in use continues, their education effort will shift to law enforcement and drivers will face penalties.

With respect to specific states, the UPD messages read as follows:


Almost all Texas temporary license plates are fraudulent and cannot be used on vehicles in New York City. Under specific circumstances, these plates may be valid, but almost all of them are purchased fraudulently online and therefore have no legal means of registration. If you have these plates, chances are they will be seized and your vehicle towed.


We have recently seen a significant increase in license plates in South Carolina. The ones we specifically encountered were fraudulently registered with a fictitious person from South Carolina sent to New York City for use.

Unlike Texas, these plates may be valid if registered with the rightful owner of the vehicle in New York, but we have yet to find a valid one.

Any vehicle with temporary New Jersey tags must have the vehicle purchased and registered in New Jersey. If the vehicle was purchased elsewhere and has NJ plates, they are fraudulent.


Vermont temporary license plates are valid as long as they are legally registered with an office of the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles.

Again, at this point, Utica Police say they hope to educate drivers on the issue and say that if you’ve unknowingly used invalid plates, simply throw them away and register the vehicle with the vehicle. from an appropriate DMV office.

However, police have also noted another related issue that could affect you if you are involved in any of these vehicles:

Many vehicles with temporary labels that we have encountered do not have valid insurance and their operators do not have valid licenses. This is obviously a major problem if one of these vehicles is involved in a motor vehicle accident or other vehicle and traffic related incident.

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