Unemployment Benefits: How Long Will the Enhanced $ 300 Payment Last?

Those on unemployment benefits can breathe a little easier knowing that until September 6, they will receive $ 300 in addition to their weekly benefit. If a beneficiary requests all eligible weeks for the enhanced benefit, their total income will increase by approximately $ 7,500. This additional income has been described as essential to keeping American households afloat as millions of people scramble to find work.

According to a national network of food banks, Feeding America, food banks distributed more than six billion meals in 2020. It is even more surprising that when the pandemic began and unemployment reached record levels, nearly forty percent of those who wanted to help a food bank said it was their first time.

How much do states spend each month on unemployment?

In March, without the $ 300 topper, states and territories paid more than $ 5.3 billion in unemployment benefits. The states that spent the most were,

1. California – $ 2,647,868

2. New York – $ 1,846,509

3. Texas $ 1,014,607

4. Illinois $ 982,427

5. Pennsylvania – $ 947,124

These numbers follow demographic statistics and are not shown due to higher average payments. The states that sent the highest weekly benefit payments in March were,

1. Massachusetts – 489.93

2. North Dakota – $ 480.13

3. New Jersey – $ 474.61

4. Montana – $ 468.47

5. Hawaii – $ 463.85

How many people in the United States remain unemployed?

As of April 24, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that 16,559,276 people had applied for benefits the previous week. That number, while still extremely high, is down by more than 845,000 from the previous week. On Thursday, May 6, the agency will release data on the number of jobs created in April, highlighting how quickly the economy is recovering from the effects of the pandemic.

The states with the highest insured unemployment rate, i.e. the highest rate of people in the workforce receiving unemployment benefits were:

1. Nevada – 5.9%

2. Connecticut – 5.3%

3. Alaska 4.9%

4. New York 4.6%

5. Illinois 4.3%.

Want to know how unemployment benefits compare across states? Read our article on the subject.

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