Trenton’s Punk Rock Flea Market is back at the Cure Insurance Arena

Something I’ve been waiting to go for a while is coming to the Cure Insurence Arena in Trenton, NJ and I can’t wait!

The Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market is coming up next weekend May 21-22, and everyone is invited! I’ve always seen billboards about it driving through Trenton on the freeway, but I’ve never gotten out to look around.

They advertise that there’s a bunch of stuff for sale like comic books, original artwork, horror memorabilia, specialty foods, live music, food trucks, vinyl records and a lot more stuff than I can’t even list them.

This flea market is super cool because it only happens on certain dates and times throughout the year. It is hosted three times a year according to their website. Since the pandemic, the market had to be modified to take place at outdoor venues.

For the past two years, to stay safe, the Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market team has made it their mission to keep the flea market alive while taking the right precautions to keep everyone safe.

Now that we are getting back to normality a bit, the event has been moved indoors starting next weekend on May 21-22!

The Cure Insurence Arena is located at 81 Hamilton Ave., Trenton, NJ and it all happens between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. May 21-22.

Tickets are available for $15 for adults at the door, allowing you to browse the market for both days. Kids 10 and under also get in for free! All items look truly unique and for the price, there’s no reason to miss out! I can’t wait to check this out.

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