Toms River School Board needs to clean things up now

Many years ago I was contacted by a few people who wanted to gauge my interest in running for the local school board. My response was quick and clear… “I don’t have one now and never will.” At the time, I had two children in the Toms River Regional School District and although I was very interested in their education, being a member of the school board was just above swimming with sharks off the coast of Australia. … in fact, it might have been just below.

Being on a local school board is as thankless a job as it gets, unless you have an ulterior motive. Think about it, you are giving countless hours to a position that comes with a lot of criticism, takes you away from your family, and all for the annual salary of….

I admire those who do because they are motivated to try to make a difference by improving the educational experience for everyone in the public school district they serve. It has always been a difficult position, but even more so in today’s society and when you throw the barriers of COVID-19… well the challenge is a blatant understatement. In districts like Toms River and The Brick, this is compounded by a state funding formula that is clearly unfair but falls on deaf ears by those who swear they care about children but don’t. not argue.

Speaking of Toms River, a neighborhood that has served my children well and has been admired for decades. This is no longer the case and some need to look carefully in the mirror at recent problems. Some of the volunteers who make up the school board don’t play nicely these days and blame each other when it comes to hiring a new superintendent. There are cries of “foul play” all around and it’s another black eye for a neighborhood that can no longer afford bumps and bruises.

Message to the Council… it’s a bad gig but you asked for it. Now fix it!

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