Success TMS turns tragedy into hope for those struggling with depression

WEST PALM BEACH, Florida, June 11, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Success TMS, a leading provider of transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) treatments, continues to open new locations across the country, further expanding the reach of its depression treatment centers. Founding partner Jonathan Michel started the business following the loss of her sister to illness and has dedicated her life to helping others cope with her challenges. Michel remembers the company’s rapid growth over just 3 short years and is optimistic about the future of this non-invasive, FDA cleared process that is covered by major insurers.

Advanced treatment of depression with TMS has proven to be an ideal alternative to medication and has quickly become a preferred alternative for their patients with depression. Success TMS is now the 2nd largest TMS provider in the country, having grown at an impressive rate to 32 offices in 6 states, including Florida, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, New Jersey and Nevada. Success TMS covers current patients and potentially millions more with insurers such as Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, Cigna, Humana, Medicare and more. This revolutionary therapy treats the symptoms of depression by stimulating areas of the brain that cause depression. The safe, FDA-approved treatment is drug-free and has no systemic side effects, and is often more effective than drugs.

Michel and Syrop founded the company just 3 years ago after the tragic loss of Jonathan’s sister Alex, who struggled for years with depression and committed suicide after trying other options and treatments. conventional. Jonathan comments “While overall mental health is often a case-by-case scenario, the treatment of depression in particular has been widely advertised as being best supported by medication, and that’s unfortunate. There are simply better alternatives that don’t involve prescription drugs and potentially dangerous methods like electroconvulsive therapy (ECT). ”Success TMS was born in Alex’s honor, and as new locations grew. open, Michel’s mission is to raise awareness, to break the stigma surrounding depression and subsequently its method of treatment. promote clarity around TMS technology, its benefits and ultimately the life-changing results.

In as little as 8 weeks and with approximately 20 minutes per session, TMS therapy has helped thousands of patients get back to life without the side effects of drugs and other dangerous technologies. Learn more about Success TMS and their regional offices at –

“My sister Alex committed suicide because the system failed her. That’s why we are providing the right care at the right time to our patients across the country. – Jonathan Michel, Founder of Success TMS

About Success TMS:
Success TMS is one of the largest and fastest growing providers of transcranial magnetic stimulation in the country, having helped thousands of people in their fight against depression. The process is FDA approved and is covered by major insurers. Their team is also available to answer any questions about the process and can help confirm insurance coverage. Learn more about Success TMS and their regional offices at –

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