Stockton University partners with Ocean City High School to enable students to graduate from college in 6 years

A high school and university in southern New Jersey are teaming up to give students a chance to graduate and graduate from college in just six years.

“Eight years become six years thanks to this partnership,” said University of Stockton president Dr. Harvey Kesseleman.

Stockton University has partnered with the Ocean City School District to offer a dual enrollment program. It gives students the chance to graduate from high school and their bachelor’s degree in six years.

“They will be three years [at Ocean City High School] and during these three years, they will take college courses for those who are accelerated and able to complete them successfully, and they will accumulate up to 32 college course credits here, which meets their high school requirements and our requirements. first year. , so they will basically come in as a sophomore, ”Kesseleman explains.

Cody Baker, a senior bound for Stockton, took dual credit classes in high school. He says he wished this program had been available for his class.

“I have a few double credit courses. One of them is the Holocaust and genocide studies, ”he says. “It was very nice. You kind of got a head start on your college life and got some of your credits.

Stockton and Ocean City say they think it will be a big draw for students not only because it will save them time, but also money.

“This is the number one problem, I think, for our graduates these days of the amount of student debt they have. So they have so many loans they haven’t even started on the first day of their career, ”says Kathleen Taylor, Superintendent of Ocean City Schools.

The program will launch this fall for new first year students.

About 300 students will graduate from Ocean City High School this month. More than 60 of them will travel to Stockton this fall.

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