SnowSOS will transform the plow industry through insurance

Posted: October 20, 2021 at 10:07 a.m. EDT|Update: 32 minutes ago

ROSELAND, New Jersey, 20 October 2021 / PRNewswire / – SnowSOS, a patent-pending insurance platform for plowmen in the United States, today launched open registration on Pinnacle Risk Management owner Mike Evans Caradimitropoulo created the concept after personal experience with an underinsured plowman. SnowSOS gives plowmen and plow companies a way to reduce the cost of their liability insurance to just $ 99/ month per vehicle and without annual commitment. They achieved this by giving plowmen control of when their insurance toggles on and off for each job via a smartphone.

“It was clear that the market lacked an affordable plow insurance solution, so I created one.” – CEO of SnowSOS, Mike evans

Insurance premiums can influence local markets or be prohibitive for the self-employed from the start. Insured residential plows often jump through hoops to prevent their customers from leaving for their competing low-cost rates made possible only by little or no coverage. The same can be said for larger business operations where the premium can impact pricing, account retention, and ultimately their team. SnowSOS is designed to mitigate this by improving margins and lowering a barrier to coverage to help level the playing field for independents. It also adds value to subscribers whose individual coverage can reduce risk exposure or future premium increases for the company that employs them.

“We had a slip and fall incident and property damage because a snow removal job was poorly done,” says Mike Evans Caradimitropoulo, CEO of SnowSOS. “It was clear that the plowman’s policy lacked the necessary coverage and the market did not have an affordable solution for them, so I created one.”

Plowmen control coverage through the SnowSOS app by uploading a before and after work photo. Behind the scenes is a platform that business admins can use to visualize real-time fleet activity and identify efficiencies. A reporting dashboard and other tools are coming soon.

For $ 99/ month per vehicle, SnowSOS includes:

  • Insurance certificate and mobile application to activate and deactivate coverage with photos.
  • Coverage of up to 4 vehicles per account.
  • Optional automated customer alerts with photos when their work is done.
  • At the start of labor: up to $ 100,000 for coverage of property damage and bodily injury.
  • At the end of work: up to $ 5,000 for coverage of completed operations.
  • Administration dashboard to track completed jobs and complaints.
  • Convenient online claim submission in every work log when needed.

About Pinnacle Risk Management, LLC: from New Jersey leading independent insurance brokerage firm responding to a growing need for innovative insurance solutions located in Roseland, New Jersey. Websites: | Contact: [email protected]

SnowSOS provides snow plow insurance that suppliers can turn on and off on each job to keep their cost of coverage at $ 99 / month per vehicle.

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