Royal Farms convenience store arrives in Brick, Magnolia


Attention Wawa, there will soon be a new convenience store on the Brick block, and it’s not Quick Chek. Royal farms, the Baltimore-based chain, which currently has 13 locations in New Jersey, will arrive at 900 Route 70. The website says they are currently recruiting at The Brick for August and will soon arrive in Magnolia, Camden County.

While you won’t get the “Mare of Easttown” cheesesteak at Royal Farms, you will get their “World Famous Royal Farms Chicken which is always fresh, never frozen. It is lightly breaded and pressure-cooked in fat-free oil. trans.

The Brick store will also have gasoline, award-winning coffee, freshly made subs and fresh milkshakes. To learn more about what they serve, click here. For more on what’s on Royal Farms, check out Dennis Malloy’s visit to the one he visited.

I asked on my social media following “Have you ever been to Royal Farms? What did you think about it? How would you compare to other stores?”

Will collins
Royal Farms> Wawa

Tommy howell
My mom had eye surgery at English Creek late last year and had the opportunity to have her spicy fried chicken breakfast on a bagel. Pretty good. Of course the royal farms were built on sacred grounds. My late grandfather worked at the restaurant that was in this exact location in the 1960s and 1970s. Shruls was the name.

Jay goldenberg
Never been, but they are known for the fried chicken which is said to be so much superior to all the other fried chickens everywhere legendary Philly Chef Marc Vetri posted about them last week. Personally, I think WaWa is a real trash. A joke!

Marc Maher
Even old. I just stopped at one in 95
Mike Barretta
Very good !

John kensil
I used to stop at the one at RT 13 / I-95 in Virginia
I really liked the chicken sandwiches
(It’s like a green colored WaWa themed convenience store)
So they came to Philly on Arimingo Ave
And the chicken sandwich was cold the cheese wasn’t melted and it wasn’t like the store I went to down south

Christopher A. Fellmeth
I remember seeing Royal Farms in the south and they were one of the first to have gas pumps with the stores.

Monique Bansky
Their chicken is way too salty. I just died when I saw the sodium content. There is one in our area that has hardly any cars in the lot.

Greg Vince
I love royal farms. Chicken fillets with potato wedges and Chesapeake sauce.

Jenny Cat
Not a fan.

Giulio Poli
best fried chicken and coffee too

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