New York man charged with murder of woman in life insurance plan

A New York man has been charged with an elaborate pay-for-murder scheme taken directly from a film script in which he killed and dismantled the body of a 26-year-old woman for life insurance benefits, federal officials said.

Cory Martin, a 34-year-old resident of Queens, was indicted in Brooklyn Federal Court with vicarious murder and conspiracy to commit vicarious murder in connection with his role in the death of Brandy Odom, 26.

Previously, Martin had been charged with conspiracy to commit electronic fraud, aggravated identity theft and fraudulent use of an identity document linked to an alleged scheme to fraudulently obtain insurance policies – life in the name of Odom, to assassinate him, and then to claim the money.

US attorney Breon Peace said the indictment claimed that in March 2017, a year before Odom’s murder, Martin and a co-conspirator – apparently 32-year-old Adelle Anderson – had fraudulently obtained two life insurance policies in his name.

They allegedly arranged the payment of premiums to life insurance companies by Western Union money order and using a debit card in Odom’s name.

Over a year later, in April 2018, Martin reportedly strangled Odom and began the process of dismembering his corpse after searching the Home Depot website for a list online of a “12 Dewalt corded reciprocating saw. amps “, described as featuring a” powerful 12 amp motor designed for heavy duty applications.

Later that same night, Martin reportedly searched YouTube using the search term “how to insert a blade for a reciprocating saw” and “using a reciprocating saw”, which he then deleted from his phone. portable.

On April 8 and 9, 2018, Martin disposed of Odom’s body parts in Canarsie Park in Brooklyn with the help of his co-conspirator.

Peace said on April 10, 2018, Martin performed dozens of internet searches for news articles about Odom, including “Search area expands after dismembered body found in Canarsie Park in Brooklyn.” .

Martin also accessed a Twitter post titled “Person walking dog discovers remains of woman in Brooklyn Park.”

The next day, Peace said Martin searched YouTube using the search term “exclusive interview with the mother of a girl found in a park, and after Odom’s murder, under Martin’s direction, several unsuccessful attempts to claim benefits under Odom’s life insurance policies were made by his co-conspirator.

“It is unthinkable that a person could view another human being as a get-rich-quick scheme,” said FBI Deputy Director Michael Driscoll. “We allege that Mr. Martin murdered and then dismembered a young woman so that he could cash in on fraudulent life insurance policies.

“Ms. Odom didn’t deserve the sheer indignity of dying this way, no one does. Mr. Martin won’t bring Ms. Odom back to justice, but it will prevent her from plotting another despicable attempt to take advantage of someone’s life. ‘a. ”

Odom. was arrested in Trenton, New Jersey, in November 2020.

“With relentless tenacity and meticulous investigative work, our NYPD detectives and law enforcement partners have never wavered in their mission to seek justice for this victim of a crime,” said the NYPD Commissioner, Dermot Shea.

“Now, more than three years after the malicious fraud and brutal murder alleged in today’s indictment, New Yorkers can find our collective response in these court documents from the United States Attorney’s Office. . ”

If convicted, Martin faces life imprisonment or the death penalty.

“The accused allegedly brutally murdered a young woman, dismembered her body and dispersed her body parts in a Brooklyn park in order to take advantage of life insurance policies he fraudulently obtained on her behalf,” Peace said. . “He will now be held to. We hope today’s charges will bring some comfort to the victim’s family.”

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