New Jersey CFP Helps Families Avoid University Pitfalls By Hosting New “10 University Pitfalls To Avoid In 2022” Webinar

TRENTON, NJ, Oct. 27, 2021 / 24-7PressRelease / – College is an exciting time for students and parents, but it’s also one of the biggest financial decisions they’ll ever have to make. Navigating today’s complex university landscape leaves many families vulnerable to misinformation, misdirection and false narratives.

That’s why Norman Chevlin, an advisor committed to educating families on key financial decisions, has sponsored this timely College Traps webinar by the LFE Institute, an unbiased financial wellness company for nearly 3 decades.

“University planning in the volatile post-COVID era is an overwhelming process, and costly mistakes can jeopardize the financial security of families linked to college for decades,” says Chevlin. “At Creative Financial Group, we pride ourselves on taking a holistic approach to key events in our clients’ financial lives.

Borrowing indiscriminately to help pay for education, parent PLUS loans accounted for 25% of federal loans last year, with $ 336 billion owed by those 50 and over. Unprepared for the dramatic increase in tuition fees, a recent Fidelity study found that nearly two-thirds of students and parents say they are shocked by stickers regarding loan balances after graduation.

“These recent trends and many more in colleges are dramatically affecting the retirement goals of families across the country, but luckily, there are many costly mistakes that can be avoided,” says Chevlin. “This unbiased educational webinar will help families in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania avoid them.”

“Our new College Traps webinar is the most popular course we’ve taught in almost 30 years, as it highlights the latest college traps families don’t hear anywhere else,” says Alice Whinnery, CEO of the LFE Institute .

The LFE Institute has identified many college-focused classes: selecting and entering the right school at the best price. This short-sighted approach to ‘college planning’ has resulted in dropout rates of 40%, with graduates taking at least 6 years to complete their studies, students unprepared for today’s job market, and savings or savings. excessive debt after graduation.

“No one is helping families uncover the latest pitfalls, the inside secrets that many colleges don’t want them to know, the key questions millions of people don’t ask, and the alternatives to consider when college is not the best solution, ”says Whinnery. “The old adage – Knowledge is power – has never been more applicable than when applied to the college planning process.

NORMAN S. CHEVLIN, CFP®️ of Creative Financial Group is empowering families by hosting the “10 Pitfalls for Colleges to Avoid” webinar on November 3 at 7:00 am EST. Go here to register.

About Norman Chevlin

Norman Chevlin is CFP®️ at Creative Financial Group. For more information, visit this website, call 732.751.3003, or watch this video.

About the LFE institute:

The LFE Institute has been providing broad and unbiased financial wellness education for nearly three decades. It now focuses exclusively on the specialized area of ​​college planning training with its digital tools and webinars. The company’s mission is to help millions of families master the skills to avoid costly mistakes in college, identify insider secrets colleges don’t tell them, answer critical questions that Millions of people fail to pose and learn the latest trends and pitfalls that every college-related family should know about. . For more information, visit the LFE Institute website, call 850.781.9131 or contact LFE by email at [email protected]

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