New Hampshire Police Shut Down Corvette At 150 mph

It looks like someone has gotten into the spirit of the new Fast and the Furious movie which will be released on June 25, F9. Can you believe they made nine of these movies because I can’t. But I digress and the speed is no joke.

According to, New Hampshire State Police made contact last night with a drive driving 150 km / h on Route 16 in Rochester. The police remind us of the importance of being careful and obeying the posted speed limit while driving. I believe the speed limit on Highway 16 is 65 which would mean this driver was over double the speed limit. YES!

So what happens to a person who is caught exceeding double the speed limit? According to, the unidentified driver was arrested and charged with operating after a suspension and reckless operation. In my opinion, there is absolutely no reason for a human being to drive as fast as if he is on a racetrack. Slow down, Vin Diesel.

As this Memorial Day weekend approaches, be prepared for our New Hampshire roads to be more crowded than usual. Stay alert and focused, and if you see someone driving recklessly, report them before they hurt you or others. As the old saying goes, “See something, say something!” And the police will be in full swing, so don’t do anything that could get you in trouble like drunk driving. Stay safe there everyone!

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