Mandatory vaccines on the way for more NJ state employees?


As the Delta variant continues to rise, Gov. Phil Murphy announced that workers at New Jersey long-term care and assisted living facilities and workers in county jails, jails and other gathering places at high risk must be vaccinated or start undergoing mandatory regular COVID testing by September 7, or they will lose their jobs.

In the last COVID update in Trenton on Monday, the governor suggested that vaccinations or mandatory testing may soon be extended.

“I think you should expect us to probably do more measurements and sort of expand the universe over time,” he said.

When asked for details, Murphy said, “The Port Authority and NJ Transit are two organizations that we are looking at seriously. I have no news to tell you at the moment.

Fran Ehret, the New Jersey state director of the Communications Workers of America, who represents many state employees, made the following statement in New Jersey 101.5:

“CWA always has the health and safety of our members and the public at the forefront of our minds. We look forward to working with the Murphy administration and having cooperative discussions to ensure public health, while respecting negotiation. State colleges and universities have already proposed that workers – represented by the CWA and others – be subject to compulsory vaccination. We have already reviewed this proposal internally and look forward to negotiating with the state on it. “

Last week, New York City officials announced that all city employees would be required to get vaccinated or undergo regular weekly COVID testing.

The governor also noted that private companies have the same right to require regular vaccinations or tests for their workers.

He also noted that discussions were underway on the idea of ​​offering some sort of monetary incentive to get more people vaccinated, maybe $ 100.

He said masking indoors is highly recommended but remains voluntary, but that could change.

“The virus dictates the conditions here, not us,” he said.

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