Liberty Union Mortgage Team Helps Homebuyers Bid Over Other Deals As Post-Pandemic Real Estate Market Continues To Soar

Jason Solowsky, Branch Manager

Jason Solowsky, Branch Manager for the Liberty Union Team

Jason Solowsky, Branch Manager for the Liberty Union Team

NORTH ARLINGTON, NJ, Nov. 20, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – The United States is temporarily emerging from the worst of the coronavirus pandemic, and the real estate market has not been this hot in decades. That’s why a mortgage lender urges buyers to act quickly and get offers accepted to beat the competition preemptively.

New Jersey-based Homebridge Financial Services, Inc.’s Liberty Union team is helping prospective homeowners capitalize on the current uptrend with its new power purchase program, where customers bid higher consistently over other buyers in this competitive market. “We know how to lock in incredibly good rates for borrowers quickly and correctly,” says Jason Solowsky, branch manager.

The Power Purchase Program offers two major benefits to clients who apply for their mortgage through the firm. First, they freeze their rate. When rates rise, purchasing power decreases, so it is in the interest of their customers to lock in these favorable rates quickly.

Second, the complete processing and underwriting of buyers makes them stand out from the rest of the offers, as an approved loan equals a cash offer for sellers.

This kind of certainty is invaluable at a time when the booming real estate market makes every home sale more competitive. Housing demand skyrocketed last year and continues to outstrip supply in many parts of the country – in New York City, for example, an expert recently described a “crazy” market to buy a property.

“Due to the competitive market with multiple buyers and low inventory, it is more difficult for buyers to get their offers accepted than before the pandemic,” Solowsky said. “My team and I have helped our clients stand out from other buyers to win bidding wars and make the dream of owning a home a reality for every client, every day. “

Through the Power Purchase Program, the Liberty Union team fully underwrites and approves customers, ensuring they will receive the loan offer that is best for them.

This simplifies the process for a seamless purchase at a great rate. Customers with this real purchasing power outbid other buyers who don’t have a team like Solowsky’s to back them up.

The Liberty Union team also offers a wide range of loan options for multi-family homes, condos, refinances, first-time homebuyers, “lock and shop” mortgages at fixed interest rates and so-called jumbo mortgages, making it likely that they can match a loan to any buyer’s unique situation.

Paying back frontline workers with premium loans

Although Solowsky’s services are accessible to everyone, he is particularly proud of his ever-growing customer base of frontline workers. From law enforcement to firefighters and teachers to healthcare workers, state soldiers and others, he is aware of the burdens they have faced during the pandemic and wants to repay the good they are doing in the country. community.

Solowsky, who started in the mortgage industry in 2005, and his team are personally involved in each client’s mortgage, using their first-rate skills and understanding of real estate and loans to secure terms. favorable to the future owner. With this same set of skills, they can also speed up the entire process from pre-approval to closing.

The 24 hour support and accessibility that Solowsky and his team provide to all customers is another reason they continue to develop a strong word of mouth that no advertising campaign could beat. This unwavering commitment to customers has allowed the company to grow year after year. This team has maintained its momentum throughout the pandemic and will continue until 2022.

Expertise helps buyers win

With over 15 years of industry experience, Solowsky uses his in-depth knowledge of mortgages and properties to help clients qualify for loans that include protection against rising interest rates in the future. . He cites the pandemic as an example of how life can be unpredictable and the need for stability.

“Buying a home is one of the most important decisions anyone can make. Being able to guide people to get the right property at the best rates and conditions is what attracted me. in this industry, and that’s what drives me to work my best every day, ”he says.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Jason Solowsky.

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