Kabul debacle sparks world distrust of America | Letters

If I had a global forum at my disposal, I would make the following proclamation to the international community, ally and enemy of the United States:

“In no case do not tie your fate to the promises and pompous decrees of the American leaders, for they are worth less than nothing.”

America will bellow and swell its chest through its then president, then steadily and mercilessly sacrifice in blood its young soldiers until polls show a mission is no longer viable to pursue it. while guaranteeing his re-election. At this point, our nation’s leaders will abandon the self-proclaimed noble cause for the more pragmatic cause of maintaining a grip on political power – and the riches it lays at the feet of the hypocrites, cowards and liars who achieve electoral success. in our shell of a nation.

Pick your favorite, Clinton, Bush, Obama, Trump or Biden. Illusion yourself. And take comfort in the words of our current Secretary of State, Antony Blinken: The Kabul disaster is “clearly not Saigon” (where chaos accompanied a North Vietnamese takeover in 1975, following the withdrawal of the American forces).

See? All is well. Stay calm. And now, let’s improve, stabilize and heal Honduras. They can trust us, right? After all, we are the United States of America – sort of.

Lou Manfredo, Township of Deptford

Coffee and a smoke, plus two pieces

I grew up in a Philadelphia townhouse in the late 1950s and early 1960s. My dad would give me a dollar and send me to the convenience store to buy him a pack of Pall Mall cigarettes and a copy of the deceased. Evening Bulletin, one of three Philadelphia dailies at the time.

I still had money left over to buy candy and give him change anyway.

I know I am old, closer to 70 than 60. I am now a “Wawa girl”. I love making my own coffee, but I’m always amazed when someone hands the cashier a $ 10 bill for coffee and a pack of cigarettes – and maybe gets 50 cents.

Where does all the money for a pack of cigarettes go? I seriously doubt that this will enrich the tobacco farmer. In New Jersey, like in Washington, DC, there is no accounting for our taxes.

Carol Rhodes, Barnsboro

The cost to maintain the rent break is damn too high

When Joe Biden took the presidential oath, he promised to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States”.

Last June, the United States Supreme Court ruled that a moratorium on evictions for unpaid rent, first imposed on landlords in March 2020 in response to a pandemic, would become unconstitutional on June 30 without new congressional legislation. . The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which issued the ban, extended it several times.

Congress did not use its authority before the deadline to renew the lapsed moratorium. While President Biden is aware, the CDC under his administration announced on August 3 a new moratorium on evictions in places with high transmission of COVID-19. It expires on October 3.

This was most likely done to appease leftist Democrats, but violates the property rights of individual business owners. Despite doubts about the legality of the action, Biden allowed it anyway.

United States Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, DN.Y., reportedly said it was “a huge victory for the power of direct action and that no is not an answer” . In fact, I would call it anarchy and an abuse of power.

Many of us know of landlords who have been unable to collect rent payments for various reasons. These are mostly middle class business owners. They are cursed, spat on and harassed. Although some tenants are unable to pay, they should actively seek ways to repay what they owe. In the meantime, homeowners still have mortgages and bills to pay.

Biden and other Democrats, in the words of former Obama chief of staff Rahm Emmanuel – and, earlier Winston Churchill – are using the “never let a good crisis go to waste” theory during the pandemic. Regardless of the Constitution, the law of the land.

Barbara Essington, Township of Carneys Point

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