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Less than a year after launching its platform to make it easier for wealth/asset managers to purchase commercial insurance and protect their businesses, AiK2 Insurance Services (AiK2) now has a list of 80 clients and a total of insured assets of more than $40 billion. A testament to its truly disruptive new delivery model.

AiK2 was built by advisors, for advisors around these fundamental principles:

  1. Be more efficient: Significantly simplify the application and renewal process.
  2. Reduce Costs: Save RIAs money by educating carriers on RIA activity.
  3. Improve coverage: protect customers against risk.
  4. Manage risks: Mitigate known risks and also identify potential risks before they have an impact.

A short application generally leads to better coverage, lower costs and consolidated renewal dates. The company has chosen technology partner K2 Placements, a leading wholesaler that works with carriers, and KORE Insurance Holdings, LLC (KORE), one of the largest private property and casualty insurance companies in the United States.

“We like to think of ourselves as the ‘trustee of insurance’, always prioritizing the needs of RIAs over our own. Additionally, by partnering with one of the largest independent brokers in the country, we are able to source all carriers when building solutions for our advisors,” said Jay Hummel, CEO of AiK2. “We are not only changing the way advisors purchase insurance to protect and preserve the value of their business, but we are also changing the way they support their clients by creating a P&C ecosystem that opens the door to risk management products advisors can offer their clients to build loyalty and grow their business. »

“The existing insurance model in the industry is so overly complex and confusing that some companies find it hard to believe what AiK2 offers is the reality,” said John Phoenix, President of AiK2. “Those who trust us and buy into the process see that everything is real. Our experience as former insurance advisors and adjusters gave us insight into what needed to change, and we acted.

The company recently added ARGI Financial Group and tru Independence to its list of clients that cover the RIA business.

ARGI is one of the nation’s fastest growing financial services companies with 9 offices in the United States, $4.5 billion in assets under management through ARGI Investment Services, LLC, a registered investment adviser and approximately 250 employees through its affiliates, including a regional CPA. solidify. AiK2 was able to consolidate coverage around errors and omissions, identify and mitigate a critical URL vulnerability, improve cyber coverage, and consolidate renewal dates for all P&C policies – all while reducing annual premiums by $44,000 per year .

“AiK2 is more than a broker, they understand our business and were able to consult us intelligently on our needs,” said Joe Reeves, CEO of ARGI. “Today, AiK2 sits on our risk committee and allows me to focus on our clients and our investments.”

Founded in 2014, tru Independence is a leader in providing optimized independence for established RIAs and Independent Advisors looking to grow their business effectively and efficiently. Leveraging decades of industry experience, tru Independence is an advisor platform trustee that serves as an advanced technology partner, focused on increasing advisor growth.

“We immediately identified substantial value working closely with AiK2,” said Craig P. Stuvland, President and CEO of tru Independence. “For many wealth managers, dealing with insurance needs on behalf of clients is an afterthought and a recurring challenge that they grudgingly take on. The AiK2 team eliminated this pain almost instantly and the results offered a sense of relief and newfound confidence that we had a strong partner in this.

AiK2 also helped 55 RIA companies comply with a new Schwab mandate requiring companies to have errors and omissions coverage, as well as insurance covering social engineering and theft.

AiK2 plans to build on its expertise with new services and a continued focus on adding value through efficiency, transparency, risk management and integrated service from a team with a deep understanding of this that their customers need because they have been there themselves.

About AiK2 Insurance Services

AiK2 Insurance Services offers commercial insurance exclusively for RIAs – enabling RIAs to easily, seamlessly and cost-effectively insure and protect their most valuable asset – their business. For more information, please visit:

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