GEICO’s Marlton office is looking to hire adjusters and has raised salaries

MARLTON, NJ–(BUSINESS WIRE)–GEICO is looking to hire adjusters and personal injury protection adjusters.

Over the past year, GEICO has raised the starting salaries of several positions at the company’s office in Marlton. GEICO also offers an excellent benefits package and has implemented a new hybrid work schedule once associates complete their orientation.

Marlton’s partner, Tenesia Dunn, currently a telephone claims representative originally from the area, came to GEICO at her sister’s insistence – her sister worked in GEICO’s Macon office at the time.

Seven years ago, Dunn had just graduated from college and was looking for a job. So she applied to GEICO, had an interview a week later, and was on her way to living in Macon in no time.

Dunn started in the emergency road service, where she was responsible for dispatching tow trucks to customers in need.

“GEICO was very different from the jobs I had before. The training was intense and detailed – but they clearly set you up for success. I loved all of my trainers. The trainers were great. many of my coaches know about what I do,” Dunn said.

As Dunn thrived in Macon, she missed home, but didn’t want to leave GEICO, so she was constantly updating Marlton’s careers page. She eventually found a job as an executive administrative assistant and was back in the Garden State.

The week she arrived in Marlton, there was a GEICO Cares event. Associates have come together to help landscape and remove dangerous trees from a neighborhood.

“I love anything we can give back to our communities at GEICO. It was tough, though; some of those trees were huge! That said, it was great fun, just like when we make sandwiches for the homeless. shelter or give toys to the kids,” Dunn said.

After just eight months at Marlton, Dunn had a chat with her supervisor, and both agreed that she had outgrown her position and started looking for other opportunities together. They found a position in claims and she went on another adventure.

Since joining the company in 2015, Dunn has been promoted in glass, liability and now claims.

Dunn’s experience is shared by many of his colleagues at Marlton, according to regional vice president Mindy Seibold.

“It is a joy to see how our associates take advantage of the flexibility offered by GEICO. One year you can be in New Jersey and come winter you are in San Diego or Tucson. As Tenesia noted, there are so many people who train our associates and make sure they grow in their careers. For this reason, we are constantly opening positions for new associates,” Seibold said.

A member of the Berkshire Hathaway family of companies, GEICO is a stable organization founded 85 years ago. From the company Total Rewards The benefits package includes medical, dental and vision coverage, paid vacation and holidays, paid liaison leave, continuing education and prepaid tuition assistance.

This year, GEICO unveiled a new company-wide education benefit: GEICO Strive, which offers prepaid tuition and access to more than 220 schools and education service providers that offer unique, tailored benefits to GEICO associates, as well as professional guidance and personalized educational advice.

When asked what she tells people about GEICO, Dunn replied, “When I started I was just looking for a job, but now I really see myself retiring with GEICO. I like that you’re not tied to one place. I love our education program and how some universities offer on-site classes at local offices. I love my job because every day brings a new, exciting challenge. You are constantly learning and it keeps you on your toes. At the same time, everyone is open and ready to help. Our customers are great. It’s a big business.

Applications are being accepted now at

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