Former Conshohocken Residents Open Outer Banks Boil Company in Ocean City, New Jersey

Former Conshohocken residents Pat and Lisa Traver opened the Outer Banks Boil Company at 1309 West Avenue in Ocean City, New Jersey on June 10. The deli and take-out restaurant specializes in seafood broths and is part of a small chain that originated in Carolla, North Carolina. The business started as a university project and now has nine locations along the east coast.

The couple lived in Conshohocken (approximately 2003 to 2010) after meeting and graduating from the University of Scranton. They now live in Blue Bell. They found out about the Outer Banks Boil Company through a friend, then enjoyed a boil on a subsequent Outer Banks vacation.

What exactly is a boil? From the company’s website:

Giant prawns, spicy andouille sausage, red potatoes, corn on the cob and Vidalia sweet onions are layered, seasoned (with our own special blend) to perfection and expertly cooked together. Served with our signature cocktail sauce, the Outer Banks Boil Company has been dubbed the “best pot on the beach.” We pride ourselves on providing quality, fresh and, where appropriate, local ingredients. Our spicy andouille is shipped from Louisiana. Want to take it up a notch? You can add seafood like snow crab legs, clams, mussels and lobster tail

You can find the menu and how to order here.

Photo: OceanCityNJVacation on Facebook

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