Sun National Bank Center Sat, 18 Sep 2021 16:25:06 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Sun National Bank Center 32 32 Update on the NJ case to unmask our schoolchildren Sat, 18 Sep 2021 16:07:56 +0000

As you know, we have been following the progress of the lawsuit brought against the governor, the health commissioner and the education commissioner to unmask the schoolchildren.

NJ attorney Bruce Afran joined me on Friday morning to share that earlier this week the governor’s attorney denied the plaintiffs’ request to release the information they used to justify the executive order. 251 which required schools to require all children to wear a mask all day.

Despite the overwhelming evidence that I have shared with scientists and physicians over the past year illustrating the physical and psychological damage that wearing a mask can cause, and despite the fact that when you compare areas with mandatory mask to mask-free areas, the spread is pretty much the same – that includes the full Danish study which explained why you shouldn’t rely on masks to stop community spread, the government persists.

Now they refuse to share data to justify the decision and have been called in court. The Afran team has a decision to make. Either you fight in court to force the disclosure of information, or you win early to stop the mask’s warrant.

Listen to Bruce explain why he leans for the information even though it will delay a decision for a few weeks.

Thanks to Bruce Afran and other NJ lawyers who fight against unethical, unconstitutional, immoral and anti-American mandates; including Dana Wefer and John Coyle.

Stay tuned, the war has only just begun.

The above post reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Bill Spadea. All opinions expressed are those of Bill. Bill Spadea is on the air weekdays 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. speaking Jersey, taking calls at 1-800-283-1015.

The 10 most requested bills in Trenton in 2020 and 2021

The state’s Election Law Enforcement Commission has ranked the most requested bills in Trenton, based on the number of official contacts reported.

2020 Census: Top 20 Places in New Jersey

A countdown of the 20 most populous municipalities in New Jersey, as measured by the 2020 census.

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Fourth Live Update from Stimulus Control: Child Tax Credit Extension to 2025, New Payment in California, Unemployment Benefits … Sat, 18 Sep 2021 13:10:38 +0000


AOC announces efforts to expand federal unemployment benefits until February 2022. (Full story)

– New projections on Social Security Cost of living adjustment for 2022 emerge. (Whole story)

President Biden fails to convince Sen Manchin to support the $ 3.5 billion spending bill

Seventeen states have seen increase in unemployment claims Last week. (Whole story)

A new bill to extend federal unemployment benefits until February 2022 emerges on Capitol Hill. (Whole story)

– How do I register a newborn baby for monthly child tax credit payments? (Whole story)

Last week, initial unemployment claims have increased for the first time in recent months. (All the details)

800,000 New Yorkers lost unemployment benefits when federal programs ended. (Whole story)

September Child Tax Credit Payments Sent, when will the money arrive in the banks (More information)

– Fourth federal stimulus check not in the $ 3.5 billion reconciliation invoice (full story)

Some US states send their own stimulus payments (More information)

Overview of the three dunning checks adopted by Congress. (Details)

Useful information / links

California Golden State Stimulus Checks:

California Tax Franchise Board to Send 2 million additional Golden State Stimulus checks Friday September 17th.

– How to Track Your Golden State Stimulus Check

– Who can receive a second Golden State Stimulus check? (Details)

– When can I expect my $ 600 Will Golden State Stimulus in California Happen? (Details)

– What state programs exist for Americans who lost their unemployment benefits? (All the details)

IRS distributes third payment of the child tax credit (Find out how you can unsubscribe from the monthly CTC)

Some of our related press articles:

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Court rules in life insurance dispute over Palestinian Authority mistress killed by lover’s wife Sat, 18 Sep 2021 01:24:00 +0000

The ex-husband of a Pennsylvania woman killed by her lover’s wife in a murder-suicide must give up the proceeds he received from his individual life insurance policies – but may keep the proceeds from his plan collective, a Delaware judge said.

The issues in the case involving Meredith Sullivan, 33, and her ex-husband, Luke Chapman, had never been dealt with in a Delaware court before.

Sullivan, 33, was killed in her home in Radnor township in April 2018 by Jennair Gerardot, the wife of a man she had had an affair with. Gerardot then turned the gun on her and the two were found dead by Gardot’s husband and Sullivan’s lover – Mark Gerardot.

The murder-suicide occurred days after taking a new job as assistant vice president at Villanova University, while she was going through a divorce from Chapman.

After Sullivan’s death, Chapman received the proceeds from his life insurance policies, as he was the primary beneficiary of his individual and group plans.

As reported by the Associated Press, Sullivan’s sister and mother said Chapman was not entitled to the proceeds of the individual insurance policy since she had moved to Pennsylvania before her death.

A Delaware judge ultimately ruled that Chapman was required to forgo those products, but could keep those from her University of Delaware group life insurance, where she previously worked as a senior manager.

Click here to read more about The Associated Press, and here for ABC’s love triangle coverage.

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NJ restaurants demand new round of aid as pandemic struggles continue Sat, 18 Sep 2021 00:31:31 +0000

Ehren Ryan was one of the lucky ones.

Its Common Lot restaurant in Millburn was one of 3,086 restaurants, bars and other dining establishments in New Jersey receiving a total of $ 913.5 million through the Small Business Administration’s Restaurant Revitalization Fund.

The money helped him retain his staff and pay the bills even as business dwindled due to the Coronavirus pandemic, he said.

But many others weren’t so lucky. The restaurant fund ran out of money before 4,706 other New Jersey dining establishments could get federal aid.

Ryan said he hopes there will be a new round of restaurant aids.

“To be honest I think it would be great,” he said. “Lots of restaurants missed.”

Legislation from Congress would add an additional $ 60 billion to the fund, which previously provided $ 913.5 million to 3,086 New Jersey businesses through the Small Business Administration.

It comes at a time when restaurant employment fell in August for the first time since December 2020, by industry occupational group, the National Association of Restaurateurs.

“The small gains our industry has made in financial security risk being wiped out, dashing the hopes of communities, entrepreneurs and consumers nationwide,” said Sean Kennedy, executive vice president of public affairs of the group of restaurants.

The restaurant fund was created under the same $ 1.9 trillion coronavirus stimulus bill, passed unanimously by the Republican opposition, which also handed out $ 1,400 checks to many Americans .

Nationally, 278,304 companies requested $ 72.2 billion, but there was only $ 28.6 billion available to help 101,004 eligible establishments.

“There is a strong unmet demand,” said Veronica Pugin, senior advisor in the Small Business Administration’s Access to Capital Office. “There is no doubt that small businesses have appreciated the RRF program.

So demanding that the legislation to be renewed the restaurant fund has attracted 15 Senate sponsors, including Robert Menendez of New Jersey, and 219 in the House, including the 12 members of the Garden State.

CORONAVIRUS RESOURCES: Live map tracker | Bulletin | Home page

For now, restaurants can take advantage of COVID-19 economic disaster loans. Applications are still accepted until December 31st.

The loans bear interest rates of 3.75% for small businesses and 2.75% for private non-profit organizations. They can be repaid over 30 years.

“You have small businesses that ask, ‘What’s left? Pugin said. That’s what’s left, she said.

There are also grant programs of up to $ 15,000 for small businesses in low-income communities that have suffered significant losses from the coronavirus.

These programs “have been lifesavers for thousands and thousands of businesses,” Pugin said.

As the delta variant forces governments to reinstate mask warrants and Americans again restrict activities indoors, more companies seek help under EIDL programs and the SBA has facilitated the application and accelerated the processing of applications, she said.

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Melissa and Joe Gorga list 3 houses, downgrade to NJ $ 900,000 pad Fri, 17 Sep 2021 22:53:00 +0000

It looks like Joe and Melissa Gorga are working to get their finances in order.

The “Real Housewives of New Jersey” stars are selling three New Jersey homes they own after being demoted to a $ 950,000 Franklin Lakes pad, The Post reports.

The concurrent listings come seven months after the official sale of their longtime family home for $ 2.5 million in February, according to property records.

Insiders say it’s all part of a larger life plan.

“Melissa and Joe have had a house on the ground since they got married and are ready to move,” a representative for the couple told The Post. “They are currently looking for property in the Hamptons and plan to spend their summer there in the future.”

Meanwhile, the listings come months after the duo were accused of owe thousands dollars to several employees who had worked for them, including their former real estate agent, Michelle Pais. But the Gorgas having denied this, calling it a case of miscommunication.

However, the first of two Toms Rivers waterfront properties they listed has spent years on and off the market.

Toms River First House

The first Toms River house that Melissa and Joe Gorga bought in 2005.
The swimming pool.
The swimming pool.
The living room.
The living room.
The formal dining room.
The formal dining room.
The kitchen.
The kitchen.

The Gorgas first purchased this vacation home – consisting of three bedrooms and two bathrooms – in 2005 for $ 450,000. Although they have been trying to get rid of it for almost a decade, they have been unlucky.

In 2011, they attempted to sell the house for $ 520,000. But because they took out so many loans against the property, they still owed the bank about $ 1.5 million after interest during that time, according to the records.

A den.
A den.
The master bedroom which leads to a terrace with a view of the waterfront.
The master bedroom which leads to a terrace with a view of the waterfront.
One of the three bedrooms.
One of the three bedrooms.

The Gorgas have even attempted to rent the place a few times in the hope of having constant money.

Covering over 1,200 square feet, with 4,792 square feet of land, the home was last listed in May for $ 650,000. They gave the home a price drop last week for $ 540,000 after still being unable to attract buyers.

A separate source claimed the reason the house didn’t sell was because it was “deemed to be substantially damaged after Sandy.”

Toms River Second House

The second Toms River waterfront home that Melissa and Joe Gorga bought in 2019.
The second Toms River waterfront home that Melissa and Joe Gorga bought in 2019.
The bar area.
The bar area.
The swimming pool with a view of the water.
The swimming pool with a view of the water.
The outer deck.
The outer deck.

Their second vacation home in Toms Rivers was recently listed on Sept. 7 for $ 2.9 million – the same day they gave their other property a price cut.

This ad is a bit more interesting, as they bought the house just two years ago – in July 2019 – for $ 975,000.

The open floor plan has a dining area.
The open floor plan has a dining area.
The living room.
The living room.
One of the seven bedrooms.
One of the seven bedrooms.
One of the five bathrooms.
One of the five bathrooms.

Comprised of seven bedrooms and five bathrooms, the home spans over 3,500 square feet and has been remodeled with all modern finishes.

Outdoor amenities include a large inground pool on a double lot with 165 feet of water views on the Bayfront.

Investment property in Paterson

The lot they bought in 2018 in Paterson, NJ.

The lot they bought in 2018 in Paterson, NJ so they could build a townhouse. Swipe right to see a sketch of the townhouse.

A rendering of the townhouse.

A rendering of the townhouse under construction in Paterson, NJ.

Then there’s an investment property in Paterson that they bought in 2018 for $ 149,000. The Gorgas turned it over and the house was listed a month ago for $ 525,000. If they marked this sale, they would make a big profit.

While construction is still in progress, the house will consist of six bedrooms and three bathrooms.

New family home in Franklin Lakes

Melissa and Joe Gorga's new family home was purchased for $ 960,000 in June.
Melissa and Joe Gorga’s new family home was purchased for $ 950,000 in June.
Google maps

Meanwhile, the Gorgas bought a new family home in Franklin Lakes, which they closed on June 15 for $ 950,000, according to property records.

Although the original house consisted of five bedrooms and six bathrooms, Melissa revealed that they plan to deconstruct the property and design a new house on the land to their liking.

Additionally, real estate records show they took out another $ 500,000 loan to build the house, bringing the total costs to $ 1.44 million.

The property will be located on nearly 1.5 acres of land, located in the community of West Gate Urban Farms, The Post has learned.

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Over 40 New York activists arrested over protests against banks fueling climate emergency Fri, 17 Sep 2021 22:35:26 +0000

At least 40 climate activists were arrested on Friday at the New York offices of JPMorgan Chase, Citibank and Bank of America, organizers said, as activists across the United States called on financial institutions to stop supporting destruction of the planet.

“We need our heads of government to act immediately … The climate crisis is here now.”
—Christina See, XR NYC

“People deny the mess we find ourselves in,” Kerith Creo of Extinction Rebellion (XR) NYC said. “We are sending the message loud and clear that the little action greenwashing politicians and CEOs have taken so far is not starting to address the scale of this crisis.”

The protest actions included the handing over of 150,000 petition signatures as part of the Stop the Money Pipeline (STMP) coalition’s ‘Deadline Glasgow: Defund Climate Chaos’ campaign to pressure banks ahead of the summit COP 26. of the United Nations which is due to start on October 31.

Despite promises of net zero emissions from financial institutions by 2050, the petition points out, “they provide loans, insurance and billions of investment capital to companies developing the fossil fuel industry and deforesting the Amazon. and other tropical forests, companies guilty of human rights violations and violations of indigenous sovereignty.

The petition calls for specific projects – such as Line 3 – and urges banks, insurers, asset managers and the Biden administration to “end their support for companies engaged in climate destruction and violations of human rights law. human rights “ahead of the two-week UN summit in Scotland.

The upcoming negotiations in Glasgow “are the most important international climate talks since the signing of the Paris Agreement in 2015,” STMP said in a statement Friday. “It’s also supposed to be ‘the COP on climate finance’.”

The coalition continued:

Scientists say that nearly 60% of oil and gas reserves and 90% of coal must remain in the ground to keep global warming below 1.5 ° C. This follows a groundbreaking report from International Energy [Agency] earlier this year who said “there is no need to invest in new supplies of fossil fuels in our trajectory of net zero”. Yet not a single bank on Wall Street has committed to reducing its oil and gas investments, and all still have some exposure to coal. In fact, the biggest fossil fuel financier, JPMorgan Chase, has publicly committed to funding oil and gas for years to come.

In New York, climate activists have set up a boat outside JPMorgan Chase’s office, urging the bank to “stop greenwashing”, and draped a banner that read “# 1 Funder of Climate Death” over the entrance to the building.

At the Bank of America office in Manhattan, “a half-dozen women blocked the entrance and a seventh woman sat in a hammock supported by a large tripod on the sidewalk,” according to XR. Outside the Citibank building, “militants set up camp on the lawn near the entrance and set up a tripod on which they locked themselves.”

“We’ve reached the breaking point,” said Christina See of XR NYC. “We need our government leaders to act immediately. The New York area killed more than 40 in record flooding just a few weeks ago. The climate crisis is here now.”

The remnants of Hurricane Ida, which originally made landfall in Louisiana on the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, caused deadly flooding in the northeast, triggering warnings not only from climate activists, but also political leaders on what the future holds for them.

During a damage tour in New York and New Jersey, President Joe Biden said, “We need to listen to scientists, economists and national security experts. They all tell us it’s code red; the nation and the world are in danger. And this is not hyperbole. It’s a fact.”

Climate activists have responded to Biden’s comments by urging him to declare a national climate emergency and stop all fossil fuel projects, stressing his refusal to block the Line 3 oil sands pipeline that the people oppose. Native leaders and environmentalists in Minnesota.

The protests came as the US president held a climate meeting with leaders of major economies and confirmed a new global commitment to reduce methane pollution by at least 30% by 2030. The Biden event followed his leaders’ summit in April, in which he pledged to cut the global heating emissions in half by half during this decade.

Activists on Friday “closed 4th Avenue in downtown Seattle and disrupted the business of the Canadian Consulate, Chase and the Bank of America,” according to the Washington city arm of

STMP Explain that “they are targeting the world’s largest funders of climate chaos, as well as the Canadian government, which bought the ailing Trans Mountain pipeline in 2018.”

Protests in New York, Seattle and beyond came as a new UN analysis found that recent emission reduction pledges made by governments ahead of COP 26 are far from ambitious enough to meet the 1.5 ° C target of the Paris Agreement.

According to the new report, the world is on track for a 2.7 ° C warming or warming by 2100 – a revelation that prompted UN Secretary-General António Guterres to warn that a failure to reaching the Paris temperature target “will be measured by the massive loss of human life”. and livelihoods. “

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Monmouth County Clerk Hanlon was sworn in as president of the Statewide Constitutional Officers Association Fri, 17 Sep 2021 13:59:37 +0000

originally published: 09/17/2021

(WEST TOWNSHIP OF WINDSOR, NJ) – Monmouth County Clerk Christine Giordano Hanlon was sworn in as President of the Constitutional Officers Association of New Jersey (COANJ) on September 16 during the COANJ 2021 installation dinner at the Mercer Lake Boathouse in West Windsor Township. She was elected president by her peers in the organization which is made up of elected constitutional officers from the 21 counties of the state of New Jersey. Clerk Hanlon was previously Vice-President and Secretary of COANJ.

COANJ was established in 1920 as a collaborative effort for New Jersey State Constitutional Officers to improve and maintain their respective county government services, develop solutions, and discuss and advocate in favor of legislation. COANJ members include county clerks, deputies, sheriffs, and statewide deed and mortgage registers.

“I am truly honored to have been elected President of COANJ by my colleagues and I am honored to lead an organization that does so much for the residents of New Jersey,” said Clerk Hanlon. “By working together and sharing our common experiences as constitutional officers, we will continue to improve and maintain our excellent service from the county government to the people.”

Monmouth County Clerk Hanlon was sworn in as president of the Statewide Constitutional Officers Association

Hanlon was elected County Clerk of Monmouth in November 2015 and was re-elected for a second term in November 2020. Prior to being elected County Clerk, she was legal counsel to the law firm of Archer & Greiner, PC. Hanlon has practiced law for over 20 years and has focused his legal practice on government affairs and municipal law. She was a municipal attorney for Atlantic Highlands and a commissioner for the Monmouth County Electoral Council. She has also served as an adjudicator for the New Jersey State District Fees Arbitration Committee.

Hanlon received his law degree from Fordham University in 1992, after graduating from Barnard College at Columbia University. After graduating from Law School, she served as Legal Assistant to the Honorable A. Simon Chrein, Chief Justice of the United States for the Eastern District of New York, and later served as Assistant District Attorney in the Bronx County, New York, before moving to New Jersey. .

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Hanlon is currently Chairman of the Monmouth County SPCA, a Trustee of the Monmouth Bar Foundation and the Monmouth Council of the Boy Scouts of America, and a member of the New Jersey State Blockchain Task Force. She is also the past president of the Monmouth Bar Association

She is the recipient of the 2020 “Woman of Distinction Award” from the Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore, the 2020 “Women in American History” award from the New Jersey State Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution (NJDAR), the 2019 “Silver Gull Award for Government Leadership ”from the Monmouth-Ocean Development Council, the“ 2018 Person of the Year Award ”from the Fraternal Order of Police of Monmouth County, Superior Officer’s Lodge # 30 and the“ Spinnaker Award for Public Service ”2017 of the East Monmouth Chamber of Commerce.

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How Health Insurance Coverage In New Jersey Compares To Other States New Jersey Fri, 17 Sep 2021 12:31:15 +0000

The share of Americans under 65 without health insurance declined each year between 2010, when the Affordable Care Act was enacted, and 2016, when President Barack Obama left. Although the U.S. uninsured rate among Americans under 65 has increased over the years since, it remains well below reported figures of 17% and above in the years leading up to the ACA. .

Without a universal health care program, most Americans under 65 – the age of Medicare eligibility – have employer-sponsored health insurance coverage. Under this system, 10.8% of Americans under 65, or roughly 29 million people, had no health insurance in 2019 – and that was before the COVID-19 pandemic hit. puts more than 22 million Americans out of work.

While most of those jobs have since been reinstated, the official uninsured rate for Americans under 65 for 2020 is likely to be higher than the rate for 2019.

In New Jersey, an estimated 677,263 residents do not have health insurance coverage, or 9.2% of the non-institutionalized population under 65, the 23rd lowest uninsured rate among States.

Statewide, 66.4% of the population under 65 have employer-based insurance, compared to 60.0% of the same age group nationally. Another 17.4% of the population under 65 in the state is insured by Medicaid, and 8.7% have purchased their own insurance directly – compared to national rates of 21.0% and 9.7% , respectively.

Rankings in this story are based on one-year estimates of the percentage of Americans under 65 without health insurance from the 2019 American Community Survey from the U.S. Census Bureau.

Rank State Pop. under 65 without insurance Pop. under 65 with employer insurance Pop. under 65 with insurance taken out directly Pop. under 65 with Medicaid
50 Massachusetts 3.5% 68.1% 10.2% 23.0%
49 Rhode Island 4.8% 66.8% 11.7% 21.6%
48 Hawaii 5.0% 66.9% 9.9% 19.5%
47 Vermont 5.6% 60.6% 10.3% 25.8%
46 Minnesota 5.8% 69.8% 8.4% 18.9%
45 Iowa 6.0% 67.6% 8.5% 21.3%
44 new York 6.1% 60.2% 10.8% 26.9%
43 Wisconsin 6.8% 69.5% 8.8% 17.6%
41 – tied Maryland 6.9% 65.6% 9.3% 19.6%
41 – tied Michigan 6.9% 63.7% 8.9% 23.8%
39 – tied Pennsylvania 7.0% 65.1% 9.2% 22.0%
39 – tied Connecticut 7.0% 64.2% 8.5% 23.2%
38 New Hampshire 7.6% 68.8% 9.1% 14.6%
36 – tied Kentucky 7.7% 57.1% 7.3% 28.3%
36 – tied Washington 7.7% 63.7% 8.3% 21.4%
35 Ohio 7.8% 64.4% 7.3% 22.2%
33 – tied North Dakota 8.1% 68.3% 13.6% 12.4%
33 – tied Delaware 8.1% 63.6% 8.3% 23.0%
32 West Virginia 8.3% 57.4% 5.7% 30.0%
30 – tied Oregon 8.6% 61.4% 9.4% 23.0%
30 – tied Illinois 8.6% 64.9% 8.3% 19.7%
29 California 8.9% 56.9% 10.4% 26.4%
28 New Jersey 9.2% 66.4% 8.7% 17.4%
26 – tied Virginia 9.3% 64.4% 9.3% 14.5%
26 – tied Colorado 9.3% 62.4% 10.5% 18.1%
25 Nebraska 9.8% 67.2% 12.1% 13.4%
24 Maine 10.1% 61.4% 10.5% 20.2%
23 Montana 10.2% 55.0% 13.6% 23.6%
22 Indiana 10.3% 64.4% 7.8% 19.1%
21 Louisiana 10.5% 50.9% 8.4% 31.6%
20 Utah 10.8% 68.8% 12.5% 9.8%
18 – tied Kansas 10.9% 66.4% 10.1% 14.3%
18 – tied Arkansas 10.9% 51.4% 9.1% 29.1%
17 Alabama 11.7% 58.2% 9.7% 20.8%
15 – tied New Mexico 12.0% 46.1% 7.6% 37.0%
15 – tied Missouri 12.0% 63.3% 9.3% 15.6%
14 Tennessee 12.1% 58.4% 9.6% 21.0%
13 South Dakota 12.2% 61.8% 12.8% 14.2%
12 Idaho 12.8% 58.7% 12.9% 17.3%
11 Caroline from the south 13.2% 57.0% 10.1% 20.2%
9 – tied North Carolina 13.4% 56.7% 10.7% 19.2%
9 – tied Nevada 13.4% 59.4% 8.7% 18.9%
8 Arizona 13.6% 56.2% 8.5% 22.8%
7 Alaska 13.9% 55.0% 6.4% 22.8%
6 Wyoming 14.8% 62.6% 10.8% 12.3%
5 Mississippi 15.4% 50.9% 8.6% 25.1%
4 Georgia 15.5% 58.1% 9.2% 17.5%
3 Florida 16.3% 51.4% 14.2% 18.1%
2 Oklahoma 16.8% 54.8% 9.3% 18.7%
1 Texas 20.8% 54.8% 8.6% 16.2%
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Last mile delivery site lands $ 381 million in Bronx Fri, 17 Sep 2021 12:00:00 +0000

Turnbridge Equities Founder Andrew Joblon, KKR Co-Founder Henry Kravis and Distribution Center (Getty, Turnbridge)

A huge last mile distribution center may have hit the last mile of its financial needs.

A joint venture controlled by Turnbridge Equities and Dune Real Estate Partners has secured $ 381 million in new funding from KKR, property records show.

Most of the funds will be used to build the distribution center in Hunts Point, Bronx. It will be approximately 1 million square feet.

The two-story facility is slated for nearly 630,000 square feet of land adjacent to the East River, below 149th Street East, near the Bruckner Freeway. The KKR loans provide $ 224.5 million for construction and $ 94.7 million in new senior debt, and will repay $ 61.8 million in outstanding principal issued by JPMorgan Chase.

Turnbridge, led by Andrew Joblon, has been busy reclaiming industrial properties, including a 129,000 square foot warehouse last year in Queens for $ 39.5 million and a 1 million square foot industrial site in the New Jersey for $ 61 million.

Turnbridge began assembling the Bronx site in 2018, spending a total of $ 174 million to purchase five plots, according to property records. In May, it filed an application to build a 986,000 square foot warehouse at 950 East 149th Street.

KKR and Turnbridge declined to comment on funding for the project, which was arranged by JLL Capital Markets. JLL’s team included Christopher Peck, Peter Rotchford and Madison Warwick. Andrew Scandalios and Tyler Peck arranged the capital partnership.

KKR, a publicly traded company, manages real assets as well as private equity investments. It devotes half of its loan portfolio to multi-family properties, 33% to offices and only 3% to industrial buildings, according to its website.

But the market for last mile delivery centers has been hot for several years and sizzling since the start of the pandemic. Consumer behavior has gradually shifted towards delivery and away from in-person shopping, a trend supercharged by Covid and a race for ever faster delivery.

The driving force behind that, of course, is Amazon, which is looking to open 100 manufacturing facilities in the United States this month and hire 125,000 warehouse workers before the holiday season.

One of the retail giant’s many recent projects is a 64,000-square-foot facility at 49 Wireless Avenue in Hauppauge’s Long Island Innovation Park, which could accommodate 186 delivery vans.

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A unique day in American history Fri, 17 Sep 2021 10:12:32 +0000


On Wednesday September 8, Bayonne rolled out the red carpet to welcome Frank Siller to Bayonne. Mr. Siller, President and CEO of the Tunnel to Towers Foundation, crossed Bayonne on his more than 500 mile walk across America for the twentieth anniversary of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

Frank Siller entered Bayonne in the northeast corner of the city. Escorted by Bayonne police and firefighters, he walked through Stephen R. Gregg Bayonne County Park to the area around the flagpole. He was greeted by a crowd of Bayonnais come to see history being made.

Joining Bayonne officials on stage, Mr Siller recounted the journey of his brother, Stephen Siller, the New York firefighter who donned his firefighter gear on September 11, 2001 and walked through the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel to serve others at World Trade Center. turns. After Stephen Siller died in service that day, his family decided to found the Tunnel to Towers Foundation to carry on Stephen’s legacy of service. For the twentieth anniversary of Stephen Siller’s Towers Tunnel Journey, Frank Siller has decided to cross several US states on foot, reaching Lower Manhattan on September 11, 2021.

In my remarks, I described Stephen Siller as “the epitome of a first responder” and that the first responder “gets in trouble when all hell breaks loose”. The Tunnel to Towers Foundation continued to serve Stephen Siller by paying off mortgages for first responders who died in combat. I mentioned that the foundation paid off the mortgage for Detective Joe Seals, the Jersey City police officer who was killed on the job in 2019.

In his presentation, Frank Siller said he decided to visit the three places where lives were lost on September 11, 2001: Shanksville, Pennsylvania; Arlington, Virginia; and New York, NY He said he loves “all the communities” he’s been through. Mr. Siller explained that the purpose of his trip “is to make sure people don’t forget” the people who were murdered by terrorists on September 11, 2001.

Mr Siller’s walk through Bayonne drew crowds to Gregg Bayonne Park, Bayonne High School, 16th Street Fire Station and the Bayonne Bridge entrance. Bayonne joined Frank Siller to show America at its best. We know how to take care of each other and remember those we have lost.

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