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While life insurance can be a huge boon to grieving family members, a number of people have tried to take advantage of their policies through fraudulent means, often with hilarious and disastrous results. We may never know how many life insurance fraud cases have been attempted over time. But there are many cases in which such schemes have gone horribly wrong. Check out these bizarre examples of life insurance fraud, none of which turned out quite as expected.

The 10 Weirdest Life Insurance Fraud Cases

1. The fiery life insurance plot that caught fire

Molly and Clayton Daniels case photos

Molly and Clayton Daniels were an unassuming Texas couple before they hatched a plan to cash in on Clayton’s $110,000 life insurance policy. But why go through all the trouble of dying when you can just use a replacement instead? Sure enough, it wasn’t long before Molly told the insurance company that Clayton’s life had been claimed in a fiery car crash.

Things seemed to be going relatively well until authorities discovered Clayton’s “body” was actually that of an 81-year-old woman the couple had exhumed from a nearby cemetery. Luckily, Clayton’s mortality wasn’t hard to confirm, as Molly had recently introduced her 4-year-old son to her new “boyfriend,” who looked suspiciously like Clayton with dyed black hair.

2. “Iron” Mike Malloy: The Guy Who Wouldn’t Die

case pictures of

One of the most bizarre cases of life insurance fraud dates back to 1932, when speakeasy owner Tony Marino hatched a plan that centered on an old drunk named Michael Malloy. The conspirators, later dubbed the “Murder Trust” by the press, managed to take out three different life insurance policies on Malloy, which they planned to cash out after hastening his untimely demise.

But it turned out that Mike was made of tougher things than they thought. Over the next few months, the conspirators attempted to poison Malloy countless times, freeze him to death, and even run him over with a car, to no avail. It took the men a full seven months to finally bring Mike into the afterlife, only to find their scheme soon after. They each ended up being rewarded for their efforts with a trip to Sing Sing’s electric chair.

3. Cabbage Truck Crazy Hugs

Anthony McErlean case photos

In 2009, a Brit named Anthony McErlean decided to make some money on his own £520,000 life insurance. He then concocted a crazy story in which he was tragically run over and killed by a cabbage truck while traveling overseas in Honduras.

He then posed as his wife in order to cash in on the claim, only to have his plan fall apart when his own fingerprints were found on his death certificate. Oops!

4. Dangers of dead driving

Raymond Roth case photos

Many bizarre cases of life insurance fraud rely on an accomplice, which was the case of 22-year-old Jonathan Roth. In July 2012, he called 911 to report that his father, Raymond Roth, had become lost in the waters of Jones Beach on Long Island while swimming.

After a massive air and water rescue mission turned up no trace of the elder Roth, he was presumed dead, leaving his son free to cash out his $410,000 life insurance policy. Unfortunately, Raymond’s brilliant plan failed when he was pulled over for speeding, still alive and kicking.

5. Dead Man’s Hike

Harry Gordon case photos

No collection of crazy examples of life insurance fraud would be complete without the mention of an Australian millionaire named Harry Gordon. In 2000, Gordon faked his own death, leaving evidence of his disappearance in the form of an empty boat littered with champagne bottles. After his wife cashed in her insurance claim, Gordon used the proceeds to start another life abroad. Eventually, he met another woman, convinced her he was in the witness protection program, and made her his second wife.

It was while hiking in New Zealand that Gordon accidentally ran into his own brother, who had long presumed him dead. Things quickly escalated from there when the brother told his ex-wife about the news. Authorities eventually uncovered the scheme and arrested Gordon, who went on to write the aptly titled book How I faked my own death and didn’t get away with it.

How I Faked My Own Death and Didn't Get Out of It: A Remarkable Story of a Businessman Under Extreme Pressure, Faking His Own Death and the Extraordinary Chain of Events That Followed

6. The date of death accident

funeral and mourning concept - red rose flowers on wooden coffin in church

Raul Pero had it all figured out. How hard could it be to fake his own death and impersonate his half-brother to collect $2 million in insurance payments? Things got a bit out of hand, however, when it was revealed that Pero had called to cash his own claim before the date on his death certificate.

Upon discovering that his grave contained an empty coffin, authorities were able to track down Pero, who had applied for a fake passport in the name of an 18-year-old who died in 1968.

7. A visit to the doctor after death

Ahmad Akhtary case photos

Ahmad Akhtary and his wife Anne decided to cash in on his $550,000 life insurance early in 2008. Unfortunately, their plot wasn’t among the best-planned schemes in the annals of insurance fraud examples. life. Anne filed a complaint that her husband had died in Afghanistan, while he openly continued to live and work in Gloucester.

The couple’s plan fell apart when Ahmad arrived for a routine medical examination, only to be asked why his records showed he had died six months earlier.

8. Sneaky senator caught selling scuba gear after his ‘death’

case photos of Senator David Friedland

Senator David Friedland wasn’t exactly New Jersey’s most famous representative. After dodging a series of federal convictions in the early 1980s, Friedland once again found himself on the authorities’ radar. It was around this time that he decided to go scuba diving in the Bahamas, only to disappear and be presumed “drowned”.

Naturally, the authorities were not entirely convinced. After years of eluding capture, Friedland was finally caught after the series of dive shops he started in the Maldives got a little too successful.

9. A Catastrophic Fraud Failure

Yevgeniy M. Samsonov case photos

As for the bizarre cases of life insurance fraud, it seems even cats aren’t banned. After buying insurance for his own injuries in a car accident in 2009, a Washington man named Yevgeniy M. Samsonov decided to seek compensation for the death of his nonexistent cat, Tom.

Samsonov demanded $20,000 to cover his emotional grief over the loss of Tom and even sent the insurance company two photos of his deceased feline. Unfortunately for him, a quick Google search revealed that both photos were from Wikipedia.

10. The strange case of “the canoe man”

john case photos

Among the most notorious examples of life insurance fraud in recent history is the case of John ‘Canoe Man’ Darwin, whose story inspired an ITV documentary series. After faking his own death in a canoeing accident, Darwin posed as a handyman named Karl as his wife cashed in on his life insurance policies.

The couple eventually moved to Panama, where Darwin was living under a false identity, before returning to the UK in 2007. His claims that he suffered from six-year amnesia were quickly rebuffed by authorities, who ended up by taking both Darwin and his wife into custody.

These bizarre cases of life insurance fraud are enough to leave anyone with many questions. Read on as we tackle some of the most common!

What is the biggest life insurance fraud?

Handcuffed criminal

One of the biggest cases of life insurance fraud in history only recently came to light, in mid-2022. A federal grand jury in Chicago has indicted 23 different defendants in a massive life insurance fraud scheme that resulted in losses of at least $26 million for a set of ten different insurers.

What is the biggest area of ​​fraud identified by the insurance industry?

According to the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud, insurance fraud costs Americans billions of dollars every year. Although it can take many forms, three of the most common include:

Premium embezzlement is an insurance fund embezzlement scheme in which an insurance agent keeps money for himself instead of passing it on to the underwriter. According to the FBI, this is the most common form of insurance fraud today.

According to a study by Verisk, auto insurance fraud accounts for $29 billion in losses each year.

According to the NHCAA, healthcare fraud is also a huge problem and can account for up to $300 billion in losses each year.

How common are false life insurance claims?

Close-up of a mischievous businessman

While false life insurance claims aren’t necessarily a pandemic, they do happen. A white paper from the Reinsurance Group of America estimates that 1-3% of all life insurance claims warrant further investigation or are denied outright.

How is life insurance fraud detected?

Financial fraud crime accomplices man and woman earn money on mobile chat fraud man talking cell phone asking for money

As you may have learned from the crazy life insurance fraud cases described above, faking your own death is a lot harder than it looks. In the age of modern technology, avoiding detection is much harder than some criminals seem to assume. Eventually, most fraudsters get it wrong and have their continued existence unearthed by anything from financial transactions to social media images.

Similarly, cases of suspicious death are thoroughly investigated by the authorities. So it’s very hard to pass off someone else’s not-so-natural death as anything else. Finally, insurance companies now have access to global databases capable of detecting discrepancies.

Unfortunately, it seems there will always be people who decide to attempt life insurance fraud, only to wonder what could possibly go wrong. But as these hilarious life insurance failures show, faking your own death isn’t an easy way to make a living.

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Wall Street ends lower as global central banks hike rates | Economic news Thu, 22 Sep 2022 20:47:00 +0000

NEW YORK (AP) — Stocks fell again on Thursday, deepening Wall Street’s losses for the week, as central banks around the world raised interest rates to fight inflation.

The S&P 500 fell 0.8%, its third consecutive decline. The benchmark is down about 3% so far this week.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 0.4% and the Nasdaq composite lost 1.4%. The Russell 2000 index of small company stocks fell 2.3%, a sign that investors are worried about the economy. The major indices are on track for their fifth weekly loss in six weeks.

Bond yields mostly rose. The 2-year Treasury yield, which tends to track Federal Reserve action expectations, rose significantly to 4.11% from 4.02% late Wednesday. It is trading at its highest level since 2007. The 10-year Treasury yield, which influences mortgage rates, jumped to 3.70% from 3.51% on Wednesday evening.

The latest wave of selling reflects investor concerns that the Fed may need to get more aggressive than it has signaled to finally get inflation under control, said Barry Bannister, chief equity strategist at Stifel. This scenario is unlikely if prices stabilize and fall, but it could take more than a year for this process to unfold, he said.

“The question is what level of patience does the Fed and the market have?” he said.

Central banks in Europe and Asia raised interest rates a day after the Federal Reserve made another big rate hike and signaled more were on the way.

The British central bank raised its key rate by another half a percentage point. The Swiss central bank raised its benchmark lending rate by its largest margin yet, 0.75 percentage points, and said it could not rule out further hikes. The central banks of Norway and the Philippines also raised interest rates.

The Fed and other central banks raise interest rates to make borrowing more expensive. The goal is to slow economic growth enough to bring inflation under control, but not so much that economies slide into recession. Wall Street fears the Fed is putting the brakes on an already slowing economy too hard, making a slide into a recession more likely.

On Wednesday, Fed Chairman Jerome Powell underscored his determination to raise rates high enough to bring inflation back toward the central bank’s 2% target. Powell said the Fed had just started to hit that level with this most recent increase. The US central bank raised its benchmark rate, which affects many consumer and business loans, to a range of 3% to 3.25%. This is the fifth rate hike this year and zero at the start of the year.

The Fed also released a forecast known as the “dot plot” that showed it expects its benchmark rate to be 4.4% by the end of the year, a point of more than expected in June.

“There aren’t a lot of easy answers when you have the most powerful entity in the world, the Federal Reserve, on this path of higher rates,” said Michael Antonelli, market strategist at Baird. “He just has people jostling each other.”

The S&P 500 fell 31.94 points to 3,757.99 on Thursday. The index is now at its lowest level since mid-June and down more than 21% since the start of the year.

The Dow lost 107.10 points to close at 30,076.68, while the Nasdaq ended down 153.39 points at 11,066.81. The Russell slipped 39.85 points to 1,722.31.

Losses were large and concentrated in retailers and technology, financial and industrial stocks. Starbucks fell 4.4%, Nvidia 5.3%, American Express 3.8% and UPS 3.4%.

Healthcare stocks were among the few bright spots. Johnson & Johnson rose 1.8%.

The companies are closing in on the end of the third quarter and gearing up for the next big round of earnings reports, although some early reports have been released. Homebuilder Lennar rose 2% after reporting strong financial results for its fiscal third quarter. Homebuilder KB Home fell 5.1% after a warning about supply chain issues and a mixed financial report.


AP Business Writers Joe McDonald and Matt Ott contributed to this report.

Copyright 2022 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed without permission.

US sent $8.28 billion in pandemic funds to local lenders | Economic news Wed, 21 Sep 2022 21:26:20 +0000

WASHINGTON (AP) — On the same day the Federal Reserve released a sobering report on the trajectory of the U.S. economy, administration officials highlighted how they’ve kept some of the nation’s smallest businesses afloat. during the pandemic.

About $8.28 billion in relief funds have been disbursed to 162 community financial institutions across the country through the Treasury’s Emergency Investment Program, officials said Wednesday.

These financial institutions in turn offer loans to micro and small enterprises.

The funding scheme, abbreviated as ECIP, is one of several pandemic relief programs designed to support community financial institutions – which provide loans, grants and other assistance to minority-owned small businesses that have difficulties in obtaining financing from traditional banks.

“There’s almost $9 billion on the ground right now” for community banks and lenders, Vice President Kamala Harris said in a call with reporters.

About 96% of black-owned businesses are sole proprietorships and single-employee businesses. They have the hardest time finding financing and are often the first type of business affected during economic downturns.

On the call with reporters, Harris and Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen highlighted some of the program’s beneficiaries, including Native American Bank, which recently secured a $10 million loan to fund a cancer treatment center. opioid addiction in North Dakota, and a Georgia bank that recently gave a $650,000 working capital loan to an Atlanta-based, black-owned affordable housing developer.

Mississippi, Louisiana, North Carolina, California and Texas received some of the largest contributions.

“We’ve long known that too many Americans face significant barriers to participating in our financial system,” Yellen said. “I am pleased that we have reached an important milestone in our work to increase the capital of these underserved communities.”

There were a record 5.4 million new business applications filed in 2021, according to the US Census Bureau, surpassing the previous peak in 2020 of 4.4 million.

Of this number, a growing share are sole proprietors and businesses with no other employees.

“Frankly, a lot of businesses are just recovering from Covid,” Sen. Mark Warner, D-Va., said on the call. He said community banks are “really doing an incredible job of reaching out to small businesses”.

Associated Press reporter Mae Anderson contributed to this report.

Copyright 2022 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed without permission.

Financial equity threatened by TD Bank merger Wed, 21 Sep 2022 16:52:55 +0000

As banks grow through mergers and focus on online and mobile services, serious concerns are emerging about the fairness and accessibility of banking services for traditionally underserved Black and Latino communities. Most consumers and small businesses view the accessibility and convenience of bank branches as essential to serving their communities.

Consumer advocates are urging banking regulators to thoroughly review a proposed TD Bank merger, particularly in light of the lender’s track record on home loans and overdraft fees.

Earlier this year, TD Bank announced plans to acquire First Horizon Bank and its $85 billion in assets and 417 locations, mostly in the South. If approved by federal regulators, the merger would create America’s sixth-largest bank.

TD Bank already has more than $1.3 trillion in 27 million customers and more than 1,100 locations in 15 states and the District of Columbia. In Atlanta and Dallas, the bank operates as TD Ameritrade. Its highest number of branches per state is in New York (367), Florida (355) and New Jersey (367).

According to its website, “Black experiences, in all their diversity, are central to our drive for positive and lasting change.”

But as Sportin’ Life, a character from the opera ‘Porgy and Bess’, said, “That’s not necessarily the case.”

Earlier this year, WHYY, the national public radio station serving the Philadelphia metro area, reported that in its area between 2018 and 2020, “TD Bank was more likely to approve a mortgage for a low-income white applicant. income than a high-income candidate. Black candidate.

TD Bank had the lowest mortgage approval rate for black applicants in its entire metro area. Meanwhile, “the institution declined 20% of all purchase mortgages, but declined nearly 40% of all black applicants,” according to the data, which was extracted from Home Mortgage Disclosure Act data. . By comparison, the rejection rate among white applicants was 20%.

A similar conclusion emerged in a 2018 investigative article from Reveal News: “African American and Latino borrowers are more likely to be turned down by TD Bank than any other major mortgage lender. The bank turned down 54% of black buyers and 45% of Latino buyers, more than three times the industry average. »

Then there’s TD Bank’s poor record on overdraft fees.

Just two years ago, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) entered into a consent order with TD Bank which provided $97 million in restitution to 1.42 million consumers, and the CFPB imposed the company a civil penalty of $25 million. The bank had illegally charged overdraft fees to its customers without first obtaining their consent before registering them for its optional overdraft.

Overdraft fees often exploit consumers’ short-term cash flow needs. The vast majority of overdraft fee income comes from people whose average account balance is less than $350.

TD Bank’s business model relies much more on overdraft fees than other major banks. While some of its peer institutions have eliminated overdraft fees, TD charges overdraft fees of $35 up to three times a day.

Fortunately, consumer advocates are registering their serious concerns with federal regulators.

“TD Bank cannot meet the needs of low-income communities while insisting on maintaining this important source of income which, by definition, depends on cash-strapped consumers,” said Nadine Chabrier, Senior Policy Counsel. and litigation at the Center for Responsible Lending (CRL), during a recent hearing on the proposed merger. She noted that in deciding whether to approve a merger, government regulators, by law, must consider whether the needs of the community would be met.

In a joint Aug. 23 letter to the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) and the Federal Reserve, agencies whose approval of the deal is required, consumer advocates made their opposition clear. Signatories to the letter included Americans for Financial Reform Education Fund, California Reinvestment Coalition, Demos and CRL.

Federal regulators, appointed by the Biden administration, have signaled that merger review is a renewed priority.

Michael Barr, the newly appointed Vice President for System Oversight of the Federal Reserve, said in a September 7 speech: “Fairness is fundamental to financial oversight, and I am committed to using the tools of regulation , supervision and enforcement so that businesses and households have access to the services they need…and protection from unfair treatment,” Barr noted.

Here’s hoping Barr and the other regulators keep their word.

Charlene Crowell is a senior researcher at the Center for Responsible Lending.

former postal worker sentenced to 13 months in prison for fraud in connection with unemployment insurance benefits | USAO-NJ Wed, 21 Sep 2022 14:00:29 +0000

NEWARK, NJ — A former United States Postal Service (USPS) employee has been sentenced to 13 months in prison for fraudulently obtaining unemployment insurance benefits, U.S. Attorney Philip R. Sellinger has announced.

Khaori Monroe, 29, of Newark, previously pleaded guilty by videoconference before U.S. District Judge Julien X. Neals to a report charging him with one count of wire fraud. Judge Neals imposed the sentence by videoconference on September 20, 2022.

According to documents filed in the case and statements made in court:

Monroe was employed as a postman with the USPS. From July 2020 to October 2020, Monroe and others stole credit/debit cards containing unemployment insurance benefits from a location in New Jersey. Monroe and others then activated the cards and used them to raise over $40,000.

In addition to the jail sentence, Judge Neals sentenced Monroe to two years of probation and ordered him to pay restitution in the amount of $53,321.05 and forfeiture in the amount of $24,924.16. $.

U.S. Attorney Sellinger credited special agents in the U.S. Department of Labor, Office of Inspector General, under Special Agent in Charge Jonathan Mellone in Manhattan; and postal inspectors of the United States Postal Inspection Service in Newark, under Acting Inspector in Charge Raimundo Marrero, Philadelphia Division, the investigation leading to the conviction.

The government is represented by Assistant U.S. Attorney Andrew Kogan of the U.S. Attorney’s Office Cybercrime Unit in Newark.

Defense Attorney: Khari O. Moore Esq., Newark, New Jersey

Tom Banks, Darcy Swain, Max Jorgensen included in Australia A team for the Japan tour, video Wed, 21 Sep 2022 07:30:00 +0000

Dave Rennie has given the best indication yet that Tom Banks remains in the frame to play for the Wallabies at next year’s World Cup, with Brumby’s departure included in Australia’s 34-man squad in Japan .

Also, Wallaby Darcy Swain, who is on the verge of being knocked out of the game for a long time, was included in the squad which included 12 selected players.

Swain, who faces a court hearing Wednesday night to determine whether he is suspended for a “reckless and dangerous” cleanup on All Black Quinn Tupaea, could serve any suspension handed down by being included.

This means the 25-year-old could take part in this year’s five-game Spring Tour, even though he faces a heavy suspension following the Bledisloe I incident.

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Darcy Swain faces a court hearing on Wednesday to determine whether he will be suspended from Bledisloe I. Photo: Getty ImagesSource: Getty Images

Uncapped Wallabies Jock Campbell and Langi Gleeson were included in the squad, with both still in the frame to compete at the end of the Spring Tour season.

Others like capped Wallabies Nick Frost, Billy Pollard and Matt Gibbon, as well as Ned Hanigan and Filpo Daugunu, were also included.

While two-time NRL premiership winner Suliasi Vunivalu will also have the chance to push for selection after being selected.

Emerging playmakers Ben Donaldson and Tane Edmed were selected again, with both men playing for Australia A in July.

Two interesting names selected are emerging stars Max Jorgensen (outside fullback) and Teddy Wilson (halfback), the former being bracketed as a ‘development player’.

Schoolboy sensation Max Jorgensen has been selected as a development player for Australia A. Picture: Waratahs Media.Source: Supplied

But their signings are strong indications of their immense potential, with Jorgensen currently completing his secondary education at St Joseph’s, Hunter’s Hill – the same college where director of rugby Andrew Blades recently worked.

Jorgensen, whose father Peter played for the Wallabies and professional rugby league, was pursued by NRL clubs but opted to join the Waratahs and was placed in the same category as Roosters star Joseph Suaalii.

“Securing Max is a positive outcome, not just for the Waratahs but for Australian rugby, as he is one of the elite schoolboys in the Class of 2022 and much sought after,” Waratahs coach Darren Coleman said.

“It’s great that he decided to stay with the Waratahs, especially after spending the last three years at our academy.

“Max understands he has a long way to go and a lot of work to do before he can become a full-fledged Super Rugby player, but we look forward to working with him and helping him develop his game.”


‘I didn’t hear anything’: Wallabies star explains what really happened in controversial penalty

Rugby Australia to file official complaint with World Rugby as Owens says French referee ‘not wrong’

The Bledisloe Cup no longer exists. Now Rennie must throw caution to the wind and start Vunivalu

St Joseph’s Max Jorgensen will tour Japan with Australia A. Photo: John AppleyardSource: News Corp Australia

Banks’ selection shows the Honda-linked full-back is still within the scope of next year’s World Cup.

Rennie has been coy about the full-back’s future with the Wallabies as the New Zealand manager still doesn’t know who he wants to wear the No.15 shirt at next year’s World Cup.

At present, he can only choose three foreign players under current Rugby Australia eligibility laws, with Samu Kerevi, Quade Cooper and Marika Koroibete in the box to choose from.

But there is a wider idea that all bets will be off for next year and if Rennie wants someone in his World Cup squad the away selection policy will be thrown out.

If that were to happen, players like Banks, Rory Arnold, Will Skelton, Scott Sio and Brandon Paenga-Amosa would come into the frame.

Tom Banks’ World Cup dream isn’t over despite heading to Honda in the Japanese League Two competition. Photo: Getty ImagesSource: Getty Images

Australia A have played in the Pacific Nations Cup this year and the three unofficial Tests against a Japan XV are a huge boost to the nation’s depth.

This will allow top developing talent another month of rugby ahead of next year’s Super Rugby Pacific season, with Waratahs defense coach Jason Gilmore once again overseeing the tour as head coach.

“It’s great to have these three games ahead to continue development and give our players more playing time against top international opponents,” Gilmore said.

“With advice from Dave Rennie, we have selected the best players available and everyone is really excited to be working in the practice paddock and performing well in Japan.”

Australia A team for the Japan Tour

Richie Asiata, Queensland Reds

Tom Banks, ACT Brumbies

Ollie Callan, Western Force

Jock Campbell, Queensland Reds

Hudson Creighton, ACT Brumbies

Filipo Daugunu, Queensland Reds

Ben Donaldson, NSW Waratahs

Tane Edmed, NSW Waratahs

Pone Fa’amausili, Melbourne Rebels

Nick Frost, ACT Brumbies

Matt Gibbon, Melbourne Rebels

Langi Gleeson, NSW Waratahs

Ned Hanigan, NSW Waratahs

Isaac Henry, Queensland Reds

Archer Holz, NSW Waratahs

Harry Hoopert, Queensland Reds

Max Jorgensen*, NSW Waratahs

Bayley Kuenzle, Western Force

Lachlan Lonergan, ACT Brumbies

Ryan Lonergan, ACT Brumbies

Mark Nawaqanitawase, NSW Waratahs

Caderyn Neville, ACT Brumbies

Dylan Pietsch, NSW Waratahs

Billy Pollard, ACT Brumbies

Tom RobertsonWestern Force

Rory Scott, ACT Brumbies

Ryan Smith, Queensland Reds

Hamish StewartWestern Force

Darcy Swain, ACT Brumbies

James Tuttle, Melbourne Rebels

Seru Uru, Queensland Reds

Suli Vunivalu, Queensland Reds

Brad Wilkin, Melbourne Rebels

Teddy Wilson, NSW Waratahs

*denotes development player

Australia A vs Japan XV Round

Saturday, October 1 at Chichibunomiya Rugby Stadium in Tokyo

Saturday, October 8 at Best Denki Stadium in Fukuoka

Friday, October 14 at Yodoko Sakura Stadium in Osaka

The pros and cons of a rental contract Tue, 20 Sep 2022 14:48:40 +0000

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Rocket Mortgage, 1050 Woodward Ave., Detroit, MI 48226-1906

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List of New Jersey and Illinois’ Most Vulnerable Housing Markets | New Tue, 20 Sep 2022 14:12:52 +0000 New Jersey, Illinois and Interior California continued to have the highest concentrations of the riskiest housing markets in the second quarter, according to ATTOM’s Special Housing Risk Report. The largest clusters were near New York and Chicago.

Second-quarter models, based on housing affordability gaps, underwater mortgages, foreclosures and unemployment, found that New Jersey, Illinois and California had 33 of the 50 counties most vulnerable to potential declines, according to the report. The 50 most at risk included nine in and around New York, six in the Chicago metro area and 13 spread across northern, central and southern California. The rest were scattered across the United States, including three in the Philadelphia metropolitan area.

At the other end of the risk spectrum, the South and Midwest had the highest concentration of markets considered least vulnerable to falling housing markets.

“The Federal Reserve has promised to be as aggressive as necessary to bring inflation under control, even if its actions lead to a recession,” ATTOM Executive Vice President, Market Intelligence Rick Sharga said in a statement. “Given little progress so far in reducing inflation, Fed actions look increasingly likely to push the economy into a recession, and some housing markets will be more vulnerable than others. others if that happens.”

Thirty-one of the 50 counties considered most vulnerable in the second quarter to housing market turmoil were in the Chicago, New York and Philadelphia metropolitan areas, as well as California.

The top 50 counties included two in New York (Kings and Richmond counties, which cover Brooklyn and Staten Island), seven in suburban New York (Bergen, Essex, Ocean, Passaic, Sussex and Union counties in New Jersey and Rockland County in New York) and six in the Chicago metropolitan area (Cook, Kane, Kendall, McHenry and Will counties in Illinois and Lake County, Ind.). The three in the Philadelphia metropolitan area were Philadelphia County, as well as Camden and Gloucester counties in New Jersey.

California had 13 counties in the top 50 list: Butte County (Chico), Humboldt County (Eureka), Shasta County (Redding), and Solano County (outside Sacramento) in the northern part of the state ; Fresno County, Kings County (outside Fresno), Madera County (outside Fresno), Merced County (outside Modesto), San Joaquin County (Stockton), and Tulare County (outside Fresno) in Central of California, and Kern County (Bakersfield), Riverside County and San Bernardino County in the southern part of the state.

The most at-risk counties continue to have higher levels of unaffordable housing, underwater mortgages, foreclosures and unemployment.

At least 7% of residential mortgages were underwater in the second quarter in 23 of the 50 most at risk counties. Nationally, 5.9% of mortgages fall into this category. Those with the highest underwater rates among the 50 most at-risk counties were Rockland County, NY (outside New York) (19.2% of mortgages were underwater); Lake County, Indiana (outside Chicago) (18.9%); Peoria County, Illinois (17.6%); Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania (16.1%) and Saint Clair County, Illinois (outside of Saint Louis) (16.1%).

More than one in 1,000 residential properties faced foreclosure action in the second quarter of 2022 in 40 of the 50 highest-risk counties. Nationally, one in 1,559 homes was in this situation. The highest rates in the top 50 counties were in Cuyahoga County (Cleveland) (one in 365 residential properties facing possible foreclosure); Cumberland County, NJ (outside Philadelphia) (one of 373); Warren County, NJ (outside Allentown, Pennsylvania) (one in 455); Camden County, NJ (outside Philadelphia) (one in 462) and Saint Clair County, Ill/ (outside St. Louis) (one in 470).

Half (25) of the 50 counties least vulnerable to housing market problems among the 575 included in the report were in the South, 14 in the Midwest, five in the West and six in the Northeast.

Tennessee had six of the 50 lowest-risk counties, including three in the Nashville metro area (Davidson, Rutherford, and Williamson counties), while Wisconsin had five — Brown County (Green Bay), Dane County ( Madison), Eau Claire County, La Crosse County and Winnebago County (Oshkosh). Four others were in Arkansas: Benton County (Rogers), Craighead County (Jonesboro), Sebastian County (Fort Smith), and Washington County (Fayetteville).

Counties with at least 500,000 residents that were among the 50 least at risk included King County (Seattle, Travis County (Austin), Texas, Salt Lake County (Salt Lake City, Wake County (Raleigh) , North Carolina and Cobb County (Marietta), Ga.

Less vulnerable counties have more affordable homes as well as lower levels of underwater mortgages, foreclosure activity and unemployment.

Less than 5% of residential mortgages were underwater in the second quarter in 30 of the 50 lowest-risk counties. Those with the lowest rates among these counties were Chittenden County (Burlington), Vermont (1.3% of mortgages were underwater), Williamson County, Texas (outside Austin) (1 .4%), Williamson County, Tennessee (outside Nashville) (1.5%). percent); Travis County (Austin), Texas (1.8%) and Wake County (Raleigh), North Carolina (1.9%). ]]> NJ man convicted of sexually assaulting AC hotel housekeeper Mon, 19 Sep 2022 22:32:20 +0000

ATLANTIC CITY — A Camden man has been convicted of the sexual assault of a 61-year-old Claridge Hotel housekeeper.

After a six-day trial, Kye Hardison, 35, was found guilty on Monday of three counts, including first-degree aggravated sexual assault, second-degree sexual assault and burglary .

Atlantic County prosecutors said in a statement they would pursue a sentence of up to life in prison for Hardison given his “criminal history and the particularly egregious nature of this sexual assault.” The normal sentence would be ten to 20 years in state prison, according to prosecutors.

According to Atlantic City police, the sexual assault took place on July 7, 2020 in a room at the Claridge Hotel on South Indiana Avenue.

An investigation revealed that Hardison entered a room on the twelfth floor without permission. The victim, a 61-year-old housekeeper, opened the door and saw Hardison inside.

Shortly after, Hardison forced the woman into the room and sexually assaulted her, police say. He fled the hotel around 3:15 p.m. but was followed by another Claridge hotel employee who directed police to Hardison’s location.

In addition to a potential prison sentence, prosecutors expect Hardison’s sentence to include that he be required to register as a sex offender under Megan’s Law and be under life on parole if ever released.

Hardison’s sentencing comes less than two weeks after a New York man was convicted of the violent rape of a housekeeper at Bally’s Hotel and Casino in 2018. Jamel Carlton, 38, was sentenced to 42 years of state prison.

Rick Rickman is a reporter for New Jersey 101.5. You can reach him at

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