The new mayor must act immediately;

Will use state program to attract full-service supermarket in first term

(CAMDEN, NJ) – Mayoral candidate Elton Custis today declared the Camden food desert a man-made disaster, saying he will use the government’s new tax incentive program. State to solve a decades-old problem that has cost Camden residents dearly.

“The Camden Food Desert is a man-made problem,” said Elton Custis, member of the Camden City School District Advisory Board. “We can change the disaster and fix the food desert – but first we need to change who runs town hall. That’s why I’m running. “

The town of Camden has not had a full service supermarket since Pathmark shuddered in September 2013. Since then Camden has had the “food desert” label placed on it.

“For nearly a decade, the men who run and control Camden have denied our residents access to meat and fresh produce,” Custis said. “Why? There is only one answer: because it serves their political agenda.”

“The same men who support Vic Carstarphen are the same men who created this man-made disaster of a food desert,” Custis said. “You can’t say you’re going to speak the truth to power without really speaking the truth to power.”

“Once elected mayor, on the first day of my term, I will meet with the president of the Economic Development Authority to discuss making the Camden food desert their number one target for their new tax incentive program,” Custis said. . “If we want to do great things, then we have to think big.”

Custis’ comments refer to the Food Desert Relief Program which was promulgated on January 7, 2021. Under this program, AED will provide up to $ 40 million per year for six years in tax credits, loans , grants or technical assistance to face food security crises and develop new approaches to alleviate food deserts.

According to a 2018 Analysis, nearly 880,000 New Jersey residents have limited access to supermarkets, with Camden falling into this category.

Custis and his team, Carmen Lozada-Cooper, Hector Rojas and Carla Benson for the council, run on a residents first agenda.

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