Court rules in life insurance dispute over Palestinian Authority mistress killed by lover’s wife

The ex-husband of a Pennsylvania woman killed by her lover’s wife in a murder-suicide must give up the proceeds he received from his individual life insurance policies – but may keep the proceeds from his plan collective, a Delaware judge said.

The issues in the case involving Meredith Sullivan, 33, and her ex-husband, Luke Chapman, had never been dealt with in a Delaware court before.

Sullivan, 33, was killed in her home in Radnor township in April 2018 by Jennair Gerardot, the wife of a man she had had an affair with. Gerardot then turned the gun on her and the two were found dead by Gardot’s husband and Sullivan’s lover – Mark Gerardot.

The murder-suicide occurred days after taking a new job as assistant vice president at Villanova University, while she was going through a divorce from Chapman.

After Sullivan’s death, Chapman received the proceeds from his life insurance policies, as he was the primary beneficiary of his individual and group plans.

As reported by the Associated Press, Sullivan’s sister and mother said Chapman was not entitled to the proceeds of the individual insurance policy since she had moved to Pennsylvania before her death.

A Delaware judge ultimately ruled that Chapman was required to forgo those products, but could keep those from her University of Delaware group life insurance, where she previously worked as a senior manager.

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