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More than two years and a change of administration later, the Federal Housing Administration has finally issued a rule stating that it will insure mortgages that use private flood insurance.

The rule goes into effect Dec. 21, but not all private flood insurance policies offered on the market will be eligible for inclusion in FHA loans, the agency warned.

Until now, FHA only insured mortgages on properties in special flood zones that were covered by the government’s National Flood Insurance Program.

The Biggert-Waters Insurance Reform Act passed in 2012 required government-sponsored businesses and federal agencies to accept private flood insurance policies. But the letter from the mortgagee announcing the rule change said Biggert-Waters did not apply to FHA.

On November 10, 2020, then-Federal Housing Commissioner Dana Wade, a Presidential appointee. Asset, propose a rule for private flood insurance, which this letter from the mortgagee turns into a final rule.

With the new rule, the FHA will require lenders to provide detailed flood insurance coverage information when submitting mortgages electronically for its insurance policies on properties in special flood zones ( SFHA), locations mapped as flood prone areas.

Obtaining this data is an objective included in the Climate Plan of the Department of Housing and Urban Planning. FHA will be able to capture and analyze flood insurance information at a more granular level than before.

“We know borrowers are facing affordability issues right now, but a flood can be devastating to a family that isn’t properly insured,” Federal Housing Commissioner Julia Gordon said in a news release. . “Choosing to choose a private flood insurance option may allow some borrowers to obtain policies that are less expensive or provide improved coverage.”

FHA is exposed to $4.5 billion in potential flood damage beginning in 2020, loans that do not have adequate coverage, an audit by the HUD Inspector General’s Office determined. A private alternative is likely to increase the share of borrowers living in SHFAs who obtain and maintain flood insurance.

Housing trade groups applauded the announcement.

“While the final rule is a win for FHA borrowers, there are concerns that the lack of full alignment with federal flood insurance requirements could lead to some flood policies being rejected on loans. from the FHA that are acceptable for other federally guaranteed loans,” Mortgage Bankers Association President and CEO Bob Broeksmit said in a statement. “MBA will continue to work with HUD on improving housing policies and regulations that benefit borrowers while maintaining the safety and strength of the FHA program.”

Since borrowers with flood insurance are less likely to default, this change will help further protect the Mortgage Insurance Mutual Fund, Broeksmit said. The fund is currently in very good health, with a capital ratio of 11.11%, the FHA has just announced.

“The new rule is a victory for consumers, for choice and for flood coverage that will protect more borrowers and property from the number one natural disaster in the United States,” said Kenny Parcell, president of the National Association of Realtors. statement. “The NAR has long advocated for an updated rule to address an inequity with conventional borrowers, and this action will increase the flood insurance choices available to FHA borrowers.”

Last year was the second-best year of the past five for private flood insurance in terms of net written premiums, at $506.8 million, surpassed only by 2019’s $522.6 million, according to the Insurance Information Institute.

By comparison, the NFIP recorded $3.5 trillion in premium income in federal fiscal year 2021, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s website.

An investment for the future: How to pay for freezing eggs | Economic news Fri, 18 Nov 2022 19:02:05 +0000

As Geri Diaz neared her 34th birthday, she knew she wanted to take a few more steps in her career before becoming a mom. She had been thinking about freezing eggs for over a year.

“I wasn’t in a relationship, so I wanted to get rid of the pressure of having kids,” says Diaz, a senior education consultant in New York. Prompted by friends who had their eggs frozen, she decided to research fertility preservation clinics.

In 2022, Diaz found a clinic with a high success rate for healthy births from frozen eggs. The clinic also funded the egg freezing procedure, an important consideration for Diaz that helped her decide to move forward.

Diaz is one of a growing number of millennials choosing to freeze their eggs. According to the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology, nearly 16,000 egg freezing cycles were performed in 2019 — an increase of nearly 90% since 2016 — and experts predict that number will continue to rise. But freezing eggs is expensive, and the process can be daunting.

Here’s what to know about the egg freezing procedure, what it costs and how to pay for it.

Demystifying the Egg Freezing Process

Egg cryopreservation, or egg freezing, is a method of preserving fertility at a time when eggs may be healthier. It can help those who wish to delay pregnancy for personal reasons as well as those undergoing medical treatments that reduce fertility in the future.

The process involves drugs that stimulate the ovaries for egg development over a 10-14 day cycle. This stage may require several clinic visits to ensure that egg follicle growth is on track.

Once the eggs have developed, the healthy eggs are removed from the ovaries and immediately frozen and stored. According to the Texas Fertility Center, most women freeze their eggs for five to ten years.

Freezing eggs does not guarantee that all eggs will be healthy enough to develop into an embryo. Patients may need to go through the process more than once, and success rates decrease as they get older. A greater number of eggs retrieved can increase the chances of a successful healthy live birth.

Alexa Silva, a 34-year-old lease administration manager in Dallas, recently began her egg-freezing journey. “If I never get married, I don’t want that to stop me from having children because I want to be a mother so I’m investing in my future right now. That’s exciting.”

How much does egg freezing cost?

The total cost for a single cycle of egg freezing varies by fertility clinic and patient needs, but generally ranges from $15,000 to $20,000. This includes egg retrieval, pre- and post-procedure consultations, medications, and storage for five years. The possible costs of thawing and fertilizing the eggs are separate.

Many fertility clinics offer financing plans to help pay for the egg retrieval procedure. Plans don’t always cover the initial consultation, annual storage fees, and medications.

Medication is often the second largest expense after the cost of the procedure, ranging from $2,000 to $6,000. This includes fertility drugs and antibiotics after egg retrieval. Diaz says she paid about $4,400 for medication over the course of a month — costs that weren’t included in her financing plan.

Besides the financial cost, many patients experience a physical toll.

“I didn’t know what it would cost me,” Diaz says. “It’s almost as if for the whole month of September, I was just out of commission. You’re basically going to be housebound.

Diaz is now on the other side of the egg retrieval process and feels relieved.

“There’s this huge pressure to perform in my thirties, and I don’t feel the pressure to put my career on hold anymore. I think mentally and physically and even career-wise, I feel much, much better right now. .”

Financing options for egg freezing

Here are the common options to consider for financing an egg freezing procedure.

Insurance cover

According to Mercer Health, an international health and benefits consulting firm, employers are increasingly offering health plans that cover fertility treatments, including egg freezing. Silva’s employer recently added coverage for egg freezing without the need for a specific diagnosis. This contributed to Silva’s decision to go ahead with the procedure this year.

Funding of the clinic

Many fertility clinics partner with finance companies that offer payment plans to clients. These plans typically have fixed monthly payments paid over one to five years, sometimes without interest. Future Family, a fertility finance provider that works with fertility clinics, offers loans for egg freezing procedures.

“I think it’s important to review all financing issues to make sure you’re being charged for the right things and understand the terms of the agreement,” Diaz says.

Personal loans

Some clinics work directly with personal lenders who can fund the procedure. San Francisco-based NYU Langone Fertility Center and Pacific Fertility Center both partner with online lender LendingClub to provide fertility loans to patients.

Personal loans are generally unsecured, with rates from 6% to 36%, depending on the borrower’s credit and income. They are available at some banks and credit unions, in addition to online lenders. Repayments are monthly, usually over two to seven years. Online personal lenders like SoFi, Discover, and Prosper offer personal loans that can be used for fertility treatments.


Individual savings can be an interest-free way to pay for egg freezing costs. Silva used money she had saved for years for her deductible and non-insurance costs, such as medication. If she could have gone back in time, she says she would have started saving earlier.

“I think you should look into it sooner rather than later and at least start making a plan or thinking about it,” she says. “That would be my advice to young women in the professional world.”

Approach costs as an investment

Freezing eggs is no guarantee. Success rates vary from clinic to clinic and not all eggs lead to pregnancy. The high cost can also be a barrier for many people.

Diaz and Silva view egg freezing as an investment in their present, as well as their family goals. Silva highlighted the mental and emotional relief she felt after freezing her eggs.

“I’m in a relationship and it’s going well, but I don’t want to have this pressure of deadlines. It’s just good peace of mind and it also takes the pressure off relationships so they can grow as they grow.

Rochester man admits armed robbery in Austin Tue, 15 Nov 2022 01:25:55 +0000

Austin, Minnesota (News KROC-AM) – A Rochester man accused of robbing two Rochester convenience stores earlier this year has pleaded guilty to three Austin robbery cases.

Adrick Mims, 26, today acknowledged three counts of theft while in possession of a dangerous weapon. In exchange, Mower County prosecutors agreed to drop four counts of second-degree assault and one charge of fleeing from police.

Mims was arrested in late June after robbing a convenience store in Austin and led Austin police on a high-speed chase through Lyle, where he fled on foot and was later found hiding in some bushes. A shelter-in-place alert has been issued for the small community south of Austin as police search for Mims.

He was also charged with armed robbery at an Austin convenience store on June 12 and robbery at a liquor store on June 19. He is currently expected to be sentenced in March.

Mims is also due to appear in Olmsted County Court later this month on charges stemming from the Rochester robberies. He is accused of robbing Casey’s General Store in the 1900 block of Northwest 7th Street by threatening an employee with a knife on June 5. Mims is also charged with the June 16 robbery of the Shell Gas N Go on East River Road Northeast, during which he allegedly wielded a box cutter. He faces charges of first-degree robbery and second-degree assault in each of the Rochester cases.

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Biden’s student debt relief plan blocked by judge: What to know in New Jersey Fri, 11 Nov 2022 17:26:47 +0000

NEW JERSEY – A Texas federal judge has overturned President Joe Biden’s ruling student loan forgiveness program Thursday, putting New Jersey residents among more than 26 million people who have sought relief deeper in limbo.

For now, the the application process is suspendedaccording to a note on the website. In New Jersey, about 1.08 million people are eligible to apply, including 590,000 recipients of Pell Grants – a federal program for students with greater financial need.

“If you have already applied, we will keep your application open,” the note said, adding that updates will be posted on the website as they become available.

For Pell Grant borrowers, the program would forgive up to $20,000 in student loan debt. Other borrowers could see up to $10,000 of their debt forgiven if they earn less than $125,000 ($250,000 for married couples) per year.

It remains to be seen whether New Jersey borrowers will have to resume payments on January 1, when the pause caused by COVID-19 is expected to expire. Economists fear that if aid is not available, people who have not rebounded financially from the pandemic will fail to repay their loans.

The Justice Department has filed an appeal, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said Thursday.

“The president and this administration are committed to helping working and middle-class Americans get back on their feet, while our adversaries — backed by extreme Republican special interests — have taken legal action to stop millions of Americans to get much-needed help,” Jean-Pierre said in a statement.

The program had been on hold since October 21, when the United States Court of Appeals for the 8th Circuit granted a administrative staytemporarily suspending the program while considering an injunction sought by six Republican-led states — Nebraska, Missouri, Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas and South Carolina — to block it.

He added: “The Court is not blind to the current political division in our country. But it is fundamental to the survival of our Republic that the separation of powers as set forth in our Constitution be preserved.”

The Associated Press contributed reporting.

Guide on Taking Online Bad Credit Loans in 2022 Mon, 07 Nov 2022 04:17:53 +0000 Can I get a loan with bad credit if I don’t have a job?

One of the best things about loans for people with bad credit from is that they can be gotten even if the borrower doesn’t have a job. Most payday loans for people with bad credit require that you have a steady source of income, but they don’t say where this income has to come from for you to be eligible.

Even if you have bad credit, you may still be able to get a bad credit loan if you have a steady source of income from somewhere other than your job.

You might be able to get a bad credit loan if you have certain types of income, such as alimony, child support, separate maintenance, border income, capital gains, disability income, housing or parsonage allowance, mortgage credit certificates, social security income, or veteran’s benefits, to name a few.

What Should You Think About Before Getting a Bad Credit Loan?

Getting a loan is a big decision that could affect you for a long time. Even though it’s easy to apply for a bad credit loan online, getting a loan can have a big impact on the rest of your life.

Because of this, you need to be very careful when deciding how to handle the situation. When you apply for a loan, you should do everything you can to limit the bad things that could happen. To do this, you will need to come up with a way to pay back the loan that doesn’t involve taking any unnecessary risks and focus on paying off the whole loan as soon as possible.

The following is a list of some factors to keep in mind so that you can make an educated decision about the new loan you are applying for.

The necessary amount of money

Before you keep looking for loans for people with bad credit, you need to know exactly how much money you will need. You should use as few resources as possible to make things easier in the long run and lower the cost of the loan as a whole.

If you need to pay urgent bills but have bad credit and want to borrow money, you should carefully figure out how much money you need and how much you can afford. Costs will go up in proportion to how much money is borrowed. Also, even though there are loans for people with bad credit that are guaranteed to be approved, the terms and conditions of the loan may not be as good as you had hoped, depending on your credit score and the requirements to get the loan.

Loan duration

When applying for a loan online, you should also think about how long you will have to pay it back. The loan term shows how long you have to pay back the loan in full. It’s important to figure out based on how much the loan is worth in total.

Before choosing the length of the loan, you will need to estimate how much money you will make and how much you will spend in the future. This will help you figure out how much money you will have for payments. You need to be as accurate as possible when doing these calculations.

If you choose a payment amount that is more than what you can pay, you will have to pay late payment fees. When you agree to pay less on your debt each month, you put yourself in a position where you might be tempted to waste money on things that aren’t necessary when you could have used that money to pay off your debt faster and save money on interest.

The terms that were offered

In addition to the loan amount and how long you have to pay it back, each loan agreement has a number of other rules. Most of the time, these terms are used to talk about annual percentage rates (APRs), interest rates, fees charged by the lender, and other similar things.

When you apply for a loan, some of these requirements might not seem that important, but you can be sure that they are. If you don’t want the loan agreement to bother you in the future, you need to read it very carefully and pay attention to every single detail.

Before you sign, you must fully understand everything that is written. If some of the terms used in the loan agreement are not completely familiar to you, it is strongly suggested that you get help from a professional.

How to Make Your Credit Score Better?

You will be approved no matter what your credit score is, but if you have good credit, the terms will be much better. So, you should insist on making even small changes before you apply for a loan. This will increase your chances of being approved. The following information comes straight from FICO and talks about a few things you can do to improve your credit score:

Establish a schedule for ongoing payments.

If you have different credit cards, online loans, or bills that are due at different times, it will be hard for you to keep track of your debt and pay on time. The easiest way to avoid getting behind on your bills, which can hurt your credit, is to set up your payments to be made automatically online. To authorize such payments, you can either log in to your online banking account or call your bank. You can choose either option.

Even if you don’t want to set up automatic payments, you should sign up for the email or text message reminder services that your creditors offer. If you keep getting these reminders, you’ll know when your next payment is due.

Reduce credit card debt

Because having more credit card debt hurts your credit score a lot and could even ruin it, you should always make payments that are more than the minimum. Your credit score can go up if you set a reasonable goal for how much you want to pay back and then work steadily toward that goal.

People don’t mind if you move slowly as long as you give it your best shot. If you want to save some money to pay off your credit card debt, you might want to cut back on spending on pleasures and other things you don’t need until you are in a better financial position.

Make a prioritized list of your outstanding debts.

If you’ve decided to work on improving your credit score, you should resist the urge to spend money you don’t need. If you have a lot of loans and lines of credit hanging over your head, you will need to figure out what your top priorities are.

If you look at the interest rate disclosures for each of your credit card accounts, you may be able to tell which one has the highest interest rate. Once you know which of your accounts has the highest interest rate, you can focus on paying off that account first. This will help you get a lot of money back and lower the amount of credit you are using as a ratio. This means you will be able to apply for more debt with lower interest rates.

Keep credit cards that aren’t being used openly.

The number of credit card accounts you have and how often you open and close them could affect your credit score. But there are some credit cards that are made to help people build their credit histories. Secured credit cards work in the same way that debit cards from banks do, in that the maximum amount that can be spent is equal to the amount that has been deposited.

If you pay your secured credit card bill on time, it will have a big effect on your credit score and help you fix any mistakes in your credit history. If you keep doing what you’re doing, you might be able to get a standard card soon. It’s a great way for young people to start out on the right foot with their credit history.

How long does it take to get a loan if you have bad credit?

Most of the time, it doesn’t take long to process loan applications from people with bad credit. Even though you shouldn’t put too much stock in miracles, there are financial institutions that could give you instant access to online lending. For example, it’s possible that you won’t get the transferred money right away after making your request.

If the application form is shorter, applications are processed faster, and deposits are made quickly, you might be able to get a loan with bad credit one business day after applying for it. If you need a quick loan but have bad credit, we strongly suggest that you think about the services we’ve talked about so far.

NJ ‘Lunch Break’ Killer Admits Harassment, Murder, Cover Conspiracy Wed, 02 Nov 2022 22:26:30 +0000

A man accused of murder a colleague in her home in Plainsboro, then plan another murder prisoner admitted to these crimes, while sharing what happened in the victim’s final moments and the lengths he was willing to go to avoid a conviction.

Kenneth Saal, 33, appeared before Middlesex County Superior Court Judge Pedro Jimenez on Wednesday and pleaded guilty to the first-degree murder of Carolyn Byington, 26, as well as second-degree burglary and harassment in the fourth degree.

In court, Saal said that in April 2019 he copied Byington’s house key while she was at work and used the key to enter her apartment on several days over the following months.

He had also planted hidden cameras to record the victim at her home and spy on her until she unexpectedly found Saal, then married and a new father, in her apartment on June 10, 2019.

Caught during the victim’s lunch break, Saal brutally killed her and left her lifeless body for the police to eventually find.

Officers conducted a wellness check that evening at the request of Byington’s other colleagues at the Princeton firm, where Saal was an accountant.

Murder on account of prison

Saal also admitted that in an effort to derail his trial before a December start date, he tried to hire another inmate to carry out a ‘copycat murder’ to make it look like Byington’s real killer was n had not yet been arrested.

He even had a “plan B” to try to avoid his trial.

Saal also confessed to having alternate plans of having one of the two witnesses who would testify killed while framing them with a fake suicide note, claiming responsibility for the murder.

Under the terms of his plea deal, Saal faces 55 years in state prison, 85% of which he must serve before being eligible for parole.

The former Lindenwold resident is due to be sentenced on January 23, 2023.

Saal had previously turned down a 30-year prison plea deal, before the murder-for-hire plot was uncovered by prosecutors, as reported by

Byington’s family created a memorial fund after his death at which donations were made to the Children’s Brain Tumor Project of Weill Cornell Medicine.

Erin Vogt is a reporter and anchor for New Jersey 101.5. You can reach her at

Click here to contact an editor about a comment or correction for this story.

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These NJ Cities Have The Highest Rates Of Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Looking at data compiled by the Ministry of Health in 2019, the most recent year for which reports are available, we determined the rate of STDs per 1,000 people in each municipality. The data combine reports of chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis. For a different look, you can check out this article for a list of cities in New Jersey that have seen the largest increase in STD/STD cases in recent years.

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These are everyday expressions that only someone from New Jersey would understand. What else should be on this list?

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8 major changes Costco is making in 2022 Sun, 30 Oct 2022 12:16:04 +0000

Even if you’re not a Costco member, you’ve surely heard that some things at the wholesale club never change. The food court hot dog price has held firm since 1985. Kirkland Signature Products always prevail. And free samples await customers in every aisle, though they took a brief interruption at the height of the pandemic.

Even so, other products and services in the warehouse are constantly evolving, and in 2022 alone, several major changes have been made to Costco stores nationwide. Despite the traffic rumors of an increase in membership fees this yearthe cost of club admission is still $60 for a Business or Gold Star membership or $120 for an Executive membership.

But, that membership card can now earn you a little more – or in some cases, a little less – than before. Here are some of the most notable changes Costco has made in 2022.

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The Picture Party / Shutterstock

Earlier this year, many were shocked to learn that a few lucky Costco locations come with a little-known added benefit. In addition to filling up at a discount and buying quality tires, these stores offer members a convenient car wash service. For a price of $7.99, buyers receive an exterior wash and wax, tire and wheel cleaning, undercarriage wash, and rust inhibitor and spot-free rinse.

In 2022, Costco added the equipment to another location in Norwalk, California, bringing the state to a total of seven car washes and the entire country to a total of 13 in five states.

According Yelp Reviews, the new Norwalk car wash already has some fans, but also some haters. A happy customer of the car wash gave the location five stars and shared, “As far as drive-through car washes go, I think this one is great. I like that there’s two payment terminals to help keep the line, on my visit in May 2022 they even had employees there who would tape your rear wiper if needed.”

Another not-so-satisfied Costco member wrote that the car wash actually caused damage to his vehicle. “I’ve never seen a costco car wash before and was curious because it was only 7.99 compared to other drive-thru car washes,” she shared. “CURIOSITY HAS SPARKED MY PAINT! I’ve never had this problem at other car washes, spend a few extra bucks and avoid the stress!”

Costco mini american cakes

Costco is well known for its bulk and oversized products. But this year in the bakery department, mini items were all the rage. Costco Bakers launched mini versions of nearly every favorite treat this year, and even brought back a few discontinued favorites.

Early 2022, Mini All American Cakes are back at Costco in packs of six. This chocolate treat was then followed by the miniaturization of four other popular cakes–SnickerdoodleCarrot, Red Velvet and the new kid on the block, Raspberry with Buttercream Frosting.

Outside of the cake family, Costco shoppers discovered Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies this year (sold in jars of 60 cookies total!) and Mini Orange Bisconie Cranberries.

car get gas at costco gas station
Alan Budman / Shutterstock.

Starting July 5, non-Members of the New Jersey Warehouse lost their access to Costco gas stations. In many states, a Costco card has always been required to refuel. But in New Jersey, Costco and other wholesalers offering gas services were told in 2004 that restricting access to members was a violation of state laws on the sale of fuel. Thus, non-members have been able to enjoy this exclusive benefit for almost 20 years.

However, the rule in New Jersey can be reversed yet again, according to fox business. A few state lawmakers have campaigned to make Costco gas available to everyone and have even introduced bills to change the current policy. Stay tuned, New Jersey.

costco next brands
Courtesy of Costco Next

In 2017, Costco Next appeared, giving members another reason to love the big-box retailer. According to Costco, the program offers a limited product selection from some of Costco’s most trusted suppliers. Members are encouraged to shop and purchase directly from participating vendor websites and benefit from exclusive prices and discounts.

A wide range of vendors, from beauty brands to tech companies, are included in the list and more added in 2022. Skincare company Boscia, art brand Disney by Dowdle and tableware and design brand Fitz & Floyd were among the additions, bringing the Costco Next list to a total of 42 vendors selected at the hand. See the full list here.

costco membership

Costco announced in May that it no longer offer a mortgage program to its members. The program originally launched in 2020 and offered an advantageous cap on lender fees to those who participated – a cap of $250 for executive members and a cap of $550 for all other members.

Costco was not a lender itself, but instead worked with the following mortgage companies: Box Home Loans, CrossCountry Mortgage,, Mutual of Omaha Mortgage, NASB, NBKC Bank, Real Genius, and Strong Home Mortgage. When the program ended, members in the process of applying for a loan were asked to contact one of these companies they were working with.

Costco did not provide a specific rationale for ending the service.

costco food court pizza

If you’ve recently bought a pizza at the Costco food court, you’ve probably noticed this little change on the box (or maybe you were too focused on your delicious pie to notice, we don’t blame you).

Earlier this year, Costco upgraded all of its cardboard pizza boxes to include the How2Recycle label. The label lets consumers know that the boxes are in fact recyclable, despite previous misconceptions that cardboard containing grease should remain in the normal trash pile.

Costco is committed to creating a more environmentally responsible business, and this change is just one of many helping to bring the chain closer to its sustainability goals.

costco covid safety sign
Andriy Blokhine / Shutterstock

Along with many other stores and major retail chains, Costco launched special hours at the start of the pandemic. This meant that on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, seniors, immunocompromised or disabled shoppers, and first responders, could access the store an hour before other members to shop without exposing themselves to large crowds. Over the past two years, the policy has swung between being available two or five days a week, depending on the number of Covid cases.

Earlier this year, the channel determined that the special hours were no longer necessary and shut them down completely on April 18. Costco has also become lax about many other Covid-related policies. For example, face mask requirements have been removed across the country and purchase limits on various items appear to have been dropped.

costco showcase
Trong Nguyen / Shutterstock

The retailer’s 2022 New Year’s resolution was to open more than 20 new sites worldwide— a goal that Costco has more than achieved. More than a handful of these new stores opened on US soil, particularly in the second half of the year.

The town of Riverton, Utah welcomed its first store in May after nearly two years of anticipation. In August, a slew of new warehouses opened in the following US cities: Murrieta, California; Verona, Wisconsin; St. Augustine, Florida; and College Station, Texas. Another Costco was added in University City, Mo. this week, and six more are expected to follow before the end of the year in Utah, Georgia, Ohio, Iowa, California and Washington.

Additionally, 2022 has brought confirmation of an upcoming opening a store in Scarborough, Maine– the very first Costco in the state. This development would just leave Rhode Island, West Virginia and Wyoming without wholesale club access.

Lawsuit Blocks Student Debt Relief: Now What? | Economic news Sat, 22 Oct 2022 00:45:53 +0000

The 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals granted an emergency stay pending appeal of a lawsuit seeking to delay the planned rollout of the Biden administration’s pledge student debt relief.

In other words, borrowers who hope to see $10,000 or $20,000 cleared of their debts will have to wait while this lawsuit unfolds; hearings are already scheduled for next week. There is also four other lawsuits pending appeal or pending hearing.

Staying is no reason to panic, says Mike Pierce, director and co-founder of the Student Borrower Protection Center. It’s procedural. The court cannot make a decision, says Pierce, when it has not been fully informed. The suspension calls for a response from the Justice Department by Tuesday afternoon.

“There’s really nothing to see here,” says Pierce.

The temporary halt came just days before the first borrowers saw their balance reduced. The White House said earlier this month it would not provide relief until October 23.

On Oct. 21, Biden said 22 million borrowers had already submitted their applications since the form first went live in beta form a week ago. The White House said about 40 million borrowers would be eligible for cancellation. The request for debt relief is still open.

What is the lawsuit asking for?

Six states (Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska and South Carolina) jointly claim that Biden’s debt relief would hurt their states’ tax revenues and the finances of state-based lending agencies. All six states are led by Republicans.

These student loan managers and corporations service corporate-held FFELP loans, a former type of federal student loan originally funded by private corporations. They claim that let FFELP borrowers consolidating their loans to be eligible for cancellation would hurt their bottom line, as it would eliminate or reduce scheduled interest payments.

In response, the Biden administration in late September waived cancellation eligibility for borrowers with corporate-held FFELP loans.

A federal district judge dismissed the case on October 20; the plaintiffs immediately filed an emergency motion with the 8th US Circuit Court of Appeals for an administrative stay. They asked the court to suspend the planned rollout of debt cancellation by 9 a.m. CST on Saturday, October 22.

The court didn’t wait that long; he approved the administrative stay on Friday.

Where does that leave borrowers?

Borrowers who requested or were waiting for automatic relief are now in limbo. And federal student loan repayments are expected to resume in January 2023 after a nearly three-year pause due to the pandemic, unless the pause is extended again.

No further extensions have yet been announced. It is wiser to proceed as if payments would resume as scheduled on January 1.

If you qualify for debt relief and haven’t applied, apply. It can’t hurt and you’ll secure your place in the queue if the legal hurdles are removed.

If you planned to request a refund of payments made during the break, reconsider. You can still request a refund, but as before, the refunded amount will be added to your loan balance.

If you have already received a refund on payments made during the break, do not spend it. If one of the lawsuits is successful, you may want to put it back on your loan balance.

Sparks woman charged in $7 million Ponzi scheme Tue, 18 Oct 2022 21:46:00 +0000

NEWARK, New Jersey (KOLO) – A Nevada woman has been charged with wire fraud, money laundering and obstruction of justice related to a $7 million advance Ponzi scheme.

Anna Kline, 33, formerly known as Jordana Weber of Sparks, has been charged with two counts of wire fraud, 11 counts of money laundering, four counts of criminal operations and two counts of obstruction to justice.

Court documents allege that Kline owned and operated several front companies from April 2017 to July 2019, purporting to provide loan services to clients, typically small businesses seeking high-volume loans, often in excess of $100 million. dollars.

Kline asked customers to pay up to 5% of the loan amount as a fee before granting them the loan.

After being paid, the court alleges that Kline would give false reasons why the delivery of their loan was delayed.

The court further alleges that the customers would receive forged or fraudulent documents, including bank statements purporting to show that his companies had enough money to provide the promised loans.

The money provided was then used by her and her partner for living and other expenses. These fees were also used to reimburse previous victims.

Her partner, Jason Torres, is charged by complaint, and those charges remain pending.

As KOLO 8 News Now previously reported, Kline was first arrested for obstruction of justice related to the advance program in July 2019.

His wire fraud charge carries a legal maximum of 20 years in prison and a fine of up to $200,000. His money laundering charge carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison, while his obstruction of justice charge carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison.

Sherrill has a 12-1 cash advantage in the NJ-11 House race Sat, 15 Oct 2022 21:01:23 +0000

Rep. Mikie Sherrill (D-Montclair) raised a solid $969,527 in the third quarter of 2022 and had a titanic $3,372,655 in the bank as of Sept. 30 and had a 12-1 cash advantage over the past five weeks. of the mid-term elections.

His Republican opponent, former Passaic County assistant attorney Paul DeGroot, said he raised $171,544 in the third quarter, including a $25,000 personal loan. His cash was $278,996 at the end of the reporting period two weeks ago.

Sherrill has raised $5,786,337 so far this cycle and has spent $2,413,682 on his bid for re-election to a third term in New Jersey’s 11th District.

DeGroot raised $636,323, including $431,421 in personal loans for his campaign. He spent more than $180,000 to score a mostly offline victory in the June Republican primary against Morris County Commissioner Tayfun Selen, who had the support of an organization in Morris and Essex counties. . DeGroot beat Selen by 1,292 votes, 39%-35%.

Sherill was new to the political scene six years ago when she challenged House Appropriations Committee Chairman Rodney Frelinghuysen (R-Harding) in what was considered a safe Republican neighborhood. A former Navy helicopter pilot and federal prosecutor, Sherrill’s early fundraising prowess — she raised $1.2 million at the end of 2017 — spooked retired Frelinghuysen.

The redistricting made the 11th more Democratic-friendly, removing some Republican-heavy areas — Sussex County is no longer in the district — and replacing it with liberal enclaves like Maplewood and Millburn, as well as some politically competitive municipalities. The new district gave Joe Biden a 17-point advantage in the last presidential election.

Sherrill and DeGroot will face off in a debate sponsored by the New Jersey Globe on Sunday, October 23 at 3 p.m.