Industry recedes from 2020 recession

APRA’s year-end banking record is dismal, but hopeful. In 2020, a year of crisis and Covid, a point of difference for the Australian banking sector is that it is not the Australian general insurance sector. Insurance profits last year were zero, at least for general insurance, as provisions and losses …

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Democrats Block CCC Funding In Interim Bill | 09/21/2020

Democratic leaders in Congress have refused to allow the replenishment of a key Agriculture Department account, accusing the White House of using it as a “political slush fund.” The Trump administration and farm groups had asked Congress to include a provision in an interim financing bill to top up Commodity …

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Costco is the best retail apocalypse stock of 2021

While a number of retailers have struggled or closed stores over the past year, there is one. discretionary consumption a business that will survive and even prosper in a context of increasing competition and economic volatility. Costco Wholesale (NASDAQ: COST) is a smart bet for investors looking for a stable …

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