Bizzy Banks arrested for weapons, drugs and money laundering

Bizzy Banks is back in custody.

According to the Daily Voice, the 23-year-old rapper – legally named Majesty Blessed Moses – was arrested Friday morning after authorities raided his home in Hackensack, New Jersey. Local officials say the raid yielded more than two pounds of marijuana, $ 2,750 in cash, as well as a revolver “loaded with hollow point bullets.” The investigation was conducted by Detective Sgt. John Dalton, Detectives Mark Carrillo Sergio Raneli and Detective Sgt. John Dalton, as well as the Bergen County Regional SWAT Team and the NYPD.

Michael Antista, the detective captain of the Hackensack Police Department, told the Daily Voice that Bizzy has been held in Bergen County Jail, where he is awaiting his first court appearance. The rising punch artist has been charged with several counts, including illegal possession of a weapon, marijuana and drug-related accessories, as well as money laundering.

According to the Bergen County Inmate Database, Bizzy is currently being held without bail.

Pitchfork reports that the rapper had a brief stint in jail in 2019, just as he was starting to make waves on the Brooklyn exercise scene. Bizzy opened up about his family’s legal issues in a 2020 interview with DJ Booth:

“… My older brother and my dad went to jail when I was younger, it just made me grow old very young because those two were really the only two men in the house,” he said. -he explains. “It was [just] me and my mom after a while. So after that I had to get down to business. Growing up where I come from, you cannot slack off in any way possible. I had to look at life differently.

Complex has contacted the Bizzy team for comment.

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