Baltimore’s keys to becoming the epicenter of black entrepreneurship


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  • Maryland has one of the highest black populations in the South with over 1 million occupants
  • Baltimore-Based Tech Startup Sonavi Labs Raised Over $ 1 Million In Round Table With Local Angel Investors

Most black professionals live in major cities including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington DC, and the black mecca of Atlanta in the United States, but there are some hidden gems that really have the potential to become the epicenter. of black excellence in the near future. . One of those hidden havens is Baltimore, Maryland, and is home to over a million black people. With this city’s proximity to Washington DC and New York City, you can be placed in the perfect location to grow your business while saving on living expenses. This is exactly what the black community needs as we lead new flows of money, political declarations, and cultural influences.

Why this is important: the the city’s median age is 35, including a very large population of medical professionals due to the attractiveness of Johns Hopkins. There are plenty of black-led startups making waves at B’More, creating a foundation for what may be the quintessential land of opportunity for black dreamers.

For example, a medical technology company Sonavi Labs raised $ 1 million during their tour de table, mainly with angel investors and healthcare professionals. The tech worker cooperative, Tribe, founded by Jeremy Neal, overturns the concept of running a business with an unconventional method of collective ownership and share ownership. Cllctivly, an online directory for black-run grassroots organizations, creating an easy way to support black charitable success in Baltimore.

Knowledge of the situation: There are approximately 10-15 coworking spaces in the city of Baltimore, including Startup Nest, Open Works, and Mindhub, welcoming new businesses to their community. The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment is $ 1,395, which is half the price of an average apartment in New York or Los Angeles and $ 300 less than the average apartment in Atlanta, Georgia. As the pandemic subsides and people are still looking to relocate to new places due to the increase in remote working, Baltimore has truly made a commitment as a city welcoming both young professionals and entrepreneurs. . ??

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