Americans will get $87.3 million in rent assistance – find out if you qualify

MANY Americans are set to receive a portion of the $87.3 million earmarked for rental assistance.

New Jersey has already distributed $625 million in federal emergency rental assistance funds.


This rental assistance program comes after New Jersey has already distributed $625 million

The state is now receiving an additional $87.3 million to help those who still need help paying their bills.

This extra money will be used to process the state’s waiting list of rent relief applications.

The funding is apparently for those who are currently in line for rent relief.

In addition to this program, New Jersey is also launching a $500 million eviction prevention program designed to help tenants pay rent for up to two years.

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The state has already helped nearly 68,000 households before the launch of these two programs, but other states are much further behind.

Other States Lose Financial Aid

According to The Ascent, the federal government has distributed all of its emergency rent assistance funds to the states.

However, the government is now taking funds back from states that haven’t used it, and redistributing the money to jurisdictions like New Jersey that are rushing to get it to those who need it.

This redistribution could be based on need, as New Jersey has a much higher percentage of renters than other states.

Some states are still criticized for not developing rent relief programs quickly enough, but many jurisdictions counter that they haven’t had enough time to develop these programs.

What is the Homeowners Assistance Fund?

This comes as most states have launched a Homeowners Assistance Fund (HAF), which is a federal program to help households who have fallen behind on their mortgages and other housing-related expenses due to Covid-19. .

Those wishing to seek assistance can view an interactive map that helps landlords find their state and the type of housing assistance offered.

Most states have an HAF program or pilot program available.

In California, eligible households can receive assistance up to $80,000.

In New York, demand is so high that the state is no longer accepting applications for mortgage relief.

In areas like Chicago, Illinois, the state is still rolling out its program and will begin accepting applications in April 2022.

Some eligible homeowners can receive up to $30,000 to help eliminate or reduce overdue mortgage and property tax payments.

In other news, Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker revealed last week that low-income essential workers will be among the first to receive upcoming stimulus check payments.

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These fourth stimulus checks are part of the Essential Employee Premium Pay program.

And some low-income families can get new $1,500 monthly prepaid cards starting tomorrow.

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